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About Yoropen's Inventor

Bao Shen Liu, who was born in 1959 in Taipei, Taiwan, felt unfulfilled in his monotonous job at a chrome coating factory but found inspiration to 'invent' after watching an Indiana Jones film! Mr Liu accurately replicated the folding clothes hanger seen in the film and his inventions developed from then on.

He believes that one of the most effective means of learning takes place through the act of writing. He applied his skills as an inventor to working on improving the pen. He studied pens, writers and writing in order to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of conventional writing instruments.

Following previous experience he had of working with angles, he realised that a change in the angle at that the pen meets paper could make it more user-friendly. He designed the Yoropen to address the many issues he had identified with conventional pens and to make writing easier for all.

He developed a series of prototypes of the Yoropen refining the angle of the writing point and other details of design until he created a writing instrument which makes hand writing easier and reduces strain.

image of Bao Shen Liu demonstrating the Yoropen
Geneva Invention Winners Gold Medal image

February 2005

Yoropen wins ISPA Prize for Writing Instruments

Paperworld Frankfurt. Yoropen was awarded first prize in the Annual ISPA (Internet Service Providers Association) Awards for Innovation in Writing Instruments. Selected from 140 products the judges on the international panel recognised the Yoropen's unique design and functional appeal to all ages. Keith Cole, speaking after the dinner at the Marriott hotel said "We are absolutely delighted with this award. Not only is the Yoropen stylish and funky but it can make writing more comfortable for everyone. We hope that in the future everyone will benefit from using this pen."

January 2005

Salon Univers D'Enfants 2005, Paris

Yoropen wins its first prize of 2005. A bronze medal in the Concours Lepine Innovation for Children.

December 2004

Le Stylographe

Prize for modern design awarded by Le Stylographe, the specialist pen magazine in France, Belgium and Switzerland. Accepted by Helen Pilkington, Export Manager was "Le Trophee du design et la moderniste" and presented by French celebrity Patrick Poivre d'Arvor.

Yoropen - Tomorrow's pen

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