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Yoropen’s Ergonomic Design for Easier Handwriting

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Express Yoro’self With Yoropen! It Won’t Roll Off The Table!

The unique design of the Yoropen makes writing easier for left-handers. Using Yoropen your fingers don't get in the way enabling you to see what you're writing. Yoropen helps ease the problem of tensed grip or hunched posture.

Yoropen is the ideal pen for helping you achieve neater handwriting. The ergonomic design of the Yoropen helps you overcome many handwriting problems.

Customer Testimonials

Love my new YOROPEN and the good choice you have at Modern Gent. Very quick delivery to Germany and very competitive prices. A link to your shop is now available from my website. Thanks a lot! Joachim, Bremen, Germany

Great product - Yoropen will help correct my handwriting after a bad horse riding accident has left me with hand problems. Sara B, Hastings.

Yoropen Refills

Ensure you choose the correct refill for your pen. Executive and Superior Yoropen refills are slightly different.

Superior Yoropen Ballpoint Refills

In Stock £2.99 BUY NOW Blue Superior


Standard Yoropencils are refillable and have a useful rubber eraser in the cap. Sketch, draw and doodle for hours without cramp setting in luxury using the Yoropencil.

Mini Yoropencils

One Purple and one Blue barrelled mini Yoropencil in a pack, ideal for 3-8 year olds or keeping handy in a purse or on the dashboard. Adjustable grip and finger support makes writing easier. Refillable 2B leads.

Joachim Kothe
English Language teacher, Bremen, Germany

Some years ago I bought my first Standard Yoropen in the UK. Recently I found it again and looked for a slightly more upmarket model on the internet. I ordered the well designed Executive Yoropen and the new Gel Ink model - and love them. It's a pity they are so difficult to obtain in Germany. I'd love to introduce them to my students because I think Yoropen really improves everybody's handwriting - and writing with it is definitely more fun. What I miss? Refills in green and red!

Jason Marantz
English Teacher, Wolfsen Hillel Primary School, London

For over a month pupils at the school in which I work have been trialling the Yoropen. The results have been most encouraging. The children I have witnessed enjoy using the Yoropen and have become more confident with their handwriting. As they are more comfortable when writing they can write for longer periods of time. This improves their performance. The most encouraging change in the children using the pen has been their self confidence. The children enjoy writing and are proud of their work.

John Clare
Education Editor, Daily Telegraph

'I am rather taken by the Yoropen!' a more comfortable handhold, a clearer view of what you are writing and, for left-handers, less likelihood of smudging'.

Laura Barnett
Mother of Philip, aged 12, who has been trialling the Yoropen pencil.
I am writing to say how pleased we are with the new pencil that you gave Philip. Philip is in a Year 3 class and is left handed and used to hold his pencil awkwardly Philip is now holding his pencil correctly... The quality of his work has greatly improved and it is now much neater. Philip likes the fact that he can read what he is writing.
I hope that this product will be available once the trial has finished and that Philip will benefit and continue to improve using the pencil.

Vicki Selwyn Barnet
I was introduced to the Yoropen and have discovered that many children, particularly left-handed users have found it helpful. I have received comments such as, I feel that I can sit up straight and see and not get back-ache. I found this pen very easy to write with and did not need to move the paper as much. The main benefits for left-handed users seem to be associated with being able to see what they are writing, resulting in evenly spaced writing and the fact that the Yoropen offers more comfort and less pain.
Paediatric Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

Mr Nicholas Goddard
Orthopaedic Surgeon, London

Thank you so much for sending me a Yoropen which is really quite revolutionary and should be comfortable to use. The grip is a little unconventional but very easy to adapt and is chunky enough to be used by patients with weak grip as I was discussing with you last week. Once it is on the market I would be happy to point my patients in your direction.

Professor Rosemary Sassoon
Professor Rosemary Sassoon has written over thirty books on handwriting, many are used by schools in the UK. She was awarded her PhD for her work on the effects of models and methods on the joins in children's handwriting.
The problem with ball point pens is that they need to be held at an upright elevation in order to function. This is the cause of many unconventional and potentially painful pen holds. Yoropen's innovatively designed barrel allows a ballpoint to work at a comfortable angle. It also might be of help to left-handers. As well as the general writer of any age, the Yoropen might be of special use to those with real writing problems caused by arthritic hands, writers cramp, stroke and other medical conditions.

Michael Woods
Mr Bao Shen Liu has brought together two interesting features; the offset point. The triangular rubber grip in a light, well balanced writing instrument is a great success. The pen does what it claims - by reducing strain, improving the field of vision, encouraging correct hold and assisting left-handers. It should be particularly welcomed by educational and physiotherapy professionals as another valuable resource to help their work.
Editor of the Journal of the Writing Equipment Society

Children studying at the Wolfsen Hilel Primary School, London

Max, aged 11
It has improved my handwriting because it has a special angle to hold which helps a lot.

Jamie, aged 10
It really helps my handwriting and it has got neater.

Lucy, aged 10
Since I started using Yoro my handwriting has improved very much. My handwriting is also smaller (the Yoro helped me!)

Natalie aged 7
My handwriting has improved and my mum really likes it. With ordinary pencil you cannot see what you are writing, but with Yoro you can!

Abi Rose - Primary School Teacher
Gabriel, aged 5, had many problems using his ordinary wooden pencil since starting school. He used to hold his pencil incorrectly (with his whole hand), which in turn affected his formation of letters and motivation to write. After being introduced to the Yoro pencil, Gabriel is now able to consistently hold his pencil correctly and is on his way to effectively forming recognisable letters, most of which are correctly formed.

Yoropen Design Features

Yoropen's adjustable grip

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Yoropen's tripod grip can be rotated enabling the writer to find their own preferred writing position.

How to refill a Yoropen

Replacing the Yoropen refill

  1. Remove the cap and unscrew the barrel
  2. Unscrew small metal tube next to nib
  3. Pull out stopper and ink cartridge
  4. Insert new refill and replace the stopper and nib cover

Replacing the Yoropencil refill

  1. Pull used pencil nib from socket
  2. Push into rear of pencil barrel
  3. A new pencil nib will be released, secure this into socket
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Yoropen's finger support

The offset portion of the Yoropen prevents fingers from slipping down towards the pen tip - thus improving posture, saving energy and reducing writing strain.

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How left-handed is Yoropen?

Left-hander's will no longer smudge their handwriting.

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The Yoropen Vision

The angle of the Yoropen ensures that the writer can clearly see what they are writing. Fingers do not obstruct the field of vision.

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Yoropen Helps Solve Handwriting Problems

Yoropen Poster

Improve the way you write with these six handy tips.

The solution is in the design

With Yoropen the solution is in the design - Yoropen's unique offset nib ensures pressure is exerted directly above the pen tip thus reducing writing strain, increasingly visibility and preventing both a poor grip and an awkward writing position. The grip is adjustable making the pen perfect for both right- and left-handers. The rotating barrel allows for individual drawing effects.

Children who have discovered the benefits of the Yoropen have lavished praise on the clever invention. Lior, 11 says: "Now I sit straighter as I found it more comfortable" and Max, 11 says: "It has improved my writing a lot, and also the way I can hold the pen."

The Yoropen has also received praise from world-renowned handwriting expert, Dr Rosemary Sassoon: "The Yoropen's innovatively designed barrel allows a ballpoint to work at a comfortable angle. It could be of real benefit to those with real writing problems caused by arthritic hands, writer's cramp, stroke and other medical conditions."

Winner of the Gold Medal at the Geneva 2002 Salon International Invention Awards, the world's largest and most prestigious inventions convention, the Yoropen is now sold world-wide and is fast becoming the people's favourite. It was invented in Taiwan by Bao Shen Liu, whose aim was to create a distinct alternative to the conventional pen, providing people with real choice.

Ever thought that the pen or pencil you were using didn't somehow feel right? Or that your fingers were slipping towards the tip causing tension and even blisters or in some cases, muscle problems in your hand?

Were you constantly leaning over your pen to see what you were writing? Giving yourself back and shoulder pain as well as creating a bad posture?

Maybe as a child your handwriting was poor and this gave you a lack of self confidence.

Yoropen is the solution to improving your handwriting skills. Bao-Shen Liu has invented Yoropen not to compete with other designers but saw it as an instrument that would improve handwriting. Yoropen won a Gold Medal at the 2002 Geneva Invention Awards.

Yoropen design illustration

1. Finger Support
The offset portion prevents fingers from slipping down towards the pen tip; thus improving posture, saving energy and reducing writing strain.

2. Visual Space
The angle of the pen ensures that the writer can clearly see what he/she is writing. Fingers do not obstruct the field of vision.

3. Adjustable grip
The Yoropen's tripod grip can be rotated enabling the writer to find his/her preferred writing position.

Reaction to this original, funky, futuristic pen has been terrific. Yoropen has been tested, endorsed by professionals and proven to reduce writing strain. Of benefit to students and teachers, lefthanders, arthritic fingers and many with special needs.

With the nib offset to the shaft of the pen you can clearly see what you are writing. So the Yoropen is also ideal for left-handed users since they will not smudge their writing. Fingers are prevented from slipping down to the point of the pen or pencil helping to establish a correct and comfortable grip. Children love the feel of the grip and the smart, bright colours appeal and give a sense of fun!

Unique finger support

Yoropen has a unique finger support system that stops your fingers slipping towards the tip. Instead of having to bend over the page to see what you have written you can see as you are writing due to the unique angled nib therefore it is perfect for left-handed writers because you can see what you are writing without tilting your head. Drawing lines or using templates is more precise. Due to the offset design you can write in any position.

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