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Hanging Harry Light Pull

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Hanging Harry Light Pull

Hanging Harry Light Pull - unlife-like-ly made from silicone
Easy to fit - just cut your existing light pull cord and string Hanging Harry up
Size: 125mm x 70mm x 20mm

Hanging Harry can help you see the light!

You can't help Harry hanging - it's way too late. Hanging Harry's already dead but he can help you see the light! Hanging Harry hangs on his own rope and is more than a little tied up. He's still wearing his tie - a hangman's noose!

When you give Hanging Harry a tug you'll see the light.

Get ready for the screams when your visitors see Hanging Harry!

Whoever said "Give 'em enough rope and they'll hang 'emselves" was right! The 2 metres of cord that comes with the Hanging Harry Light Pull will be enough to hang Harry from your existing light fitting.

If he'd spoken to Claire Vuoyant Hanging Harry would have known what the future held for him!

Claire's friend Di Rea said Hanging Harry should go on the run!

Their acquaintance Ben Ding said he knew things would take a turn for the worse.

Yes, it's too late for Hanging Harry but he can help you in those darker moments. In the shower perhaps!

Hanging Harry Light Pull

Hanging Harry Light Pull

Otto Kruger

Is Hanging Harry based on a Bonanza episode? We don't know, but Otto Kruger played Judge "Hanging Harry" Whitaker in a Bonanza episode back in 1963.

Did Hanging Harry sentence Bob Jolley's father to death?

Even back then corruption was rife in business and government as it turns out that a senator and a railroad both seemed to want Bob's father dead.

In a further twist it appears that a gunman has been hired to silence Bob!

So... the Bonanza boys set about finding out the truth.

Hanging Harry Light Pull

Hanging Harry Light Pull

Hanging Harry Light Pull

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