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Genie in a Bottle is Genious for Keeping it Fresh

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Genie in a bottle

Soft on the outside but hard inside to keep your wine fresh

Keep your wine fresh with a Genie in a Bottle Stopper. This large green bottle stop is handy if you fancy a swift glass of Pinot Grigio.

Genie in a Bottle Stop will grant three bottle stopping wishes!

First, the Genie in a Bottle Stop protects your bottle of wine from germs and insects.

The second wish the Genie in a Bottle Stopper will grant is that he'll squeeze into your bottle whenever you wish.

Your third wish that the Genie in a Bottle Stop grants is to keep your wine fresh.

As Genie in a Bottle Stopper guards your wine you'll have time for more than three wishes!

Flexible tapered silicone ribs fit most bottles.

Silcone rubber wine bottle stopper.

Designed by Paul Greenhalgh

Genie in a bottle

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