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Smooth Groove Ends Camel Toe

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Smooth Groove is The Stylists' Secret

Made from Medical Grade Polymer
Contains Antibacterial Agent
Hand washable
Size 90mm x 43mm
Available in Black, White or Clear
Supplied with Satin Pouch for Discreet Storage

If you regularly wear spandex you can get camel toe as it's a tight-fitting fabric. Leggings and thighs show off the camel toe distinctively. If you wear thin fabrics they can easily show the camel toe shape. Tight fitting sports shorts can lead to the camel toe formation. Swimwear can also cause the camel toe problem.

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The X Factor stylists added Smooth Groove to their arsenal to address any potential wardrobe malfunctions. Smooth Groove is the stylists' secret for a smooth profile.

Smooth Groove is manufactured from a medical grade polymer, with an added antibacterial agent ensuring you have a comfortable, safe, hygienic and discreet camel toe solution that fits easily and securely into underwear to give a reassuringly smooth outline.

Smooth Groove has been designed to work with the natural movement of the body and prevents clothing from riding up at the front.

You can wash Smooth Groove by hand and it comes with a satin pouch for discreetly storing in your underwear drawer till next time you need it to solve your camel toe problem.

Smooth Groove will mould itself to your shape and discreetly hold itself in place even with tight-fitting clothes. Smooth Groove is a comfortable, hygienic, safe and discreet answer to camel toe. The overall opinion from women affected by camel toe was that they “forgot it was there!”

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One Size Smooth Groove Fits All

According to research there is very little difference between women whatever shape, age or size.

How Secure Is Smooth Groove?

Tests have shown that Smooth Groove will stay in place during normal use and during mild or moderate exercise. It is not recommended for more energetic exercise.

How To Fit Smooth Groove

Place Smooth Groove with the thinner part facing the back. You don't have to be wearing knickers as long as your clothes are tight-fitting. You can also wear Smooth Groove with a thong.

How Long Will Smooth Groove Last?

For optimum use it's recommended to replace Smooth Groove every 6 months.

How to Care for Smooth Groove Hygienically

Smooth Groove is manufactured from an approved medical polymer with built-in antibacterial qualities. Following the easy care instructions it is absolutely hygienic. Just wash Smooth Groove in warm water after each time you wear it, dry and store in its pouch in your underwear drawer. It is NOT machine washable!

Can I Wear Smooth Groove If I Shave?

Of course you can. In fact, if you shave your public hair you're more likely to suffer from camel toe so Smooth Groove is of even more benefit to you.

Is Smooth Groove Safe To Use with a Bikini / Bathing Suit?

The clear Smooth Groove is perfect for wearing in bikinis but it is recommended to use the supplied velcro dots for extra confidence.

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