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Bindi Crystal Body Decoration Sticker

In Stock £3.99 BUY NOW Bindi Body Decoration Sticker Single

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Highly Decorative Long-lasting Unique Body Sticker

Traditional Indian Bindi design skin decoration sticker. Hand made in India these coloured jewelled body stickers are suitable for all areas of the body. Attractive colourful designs you can wear for all occasions, the stickers instantly beautify wherever they're stuck.

Studded with crystals, coloured stones, glass beads and sequins these are beautiful body stickers for wearing and showing off.

Commonly called body jewels, body dots, body stickers, bindis hold a special importance in a woman's life - individual and attractive, each sticker a unique work of art.

The stickers will stay on skin for a few days unless purposefully removed. Showering or normal bathing does not make them peel off or lose their shine.

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