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About RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

What is an RSS Feed?

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Our RSS Feed lets you see when we have added new content. Get news about our latest special offers, new products and reviews in one place as soon as they are published.

The icon on the left shown enlarged is what is over on the right hand side of every page. Click on the icon and you will be given our RSS Feed.

You'll find RSS Feeds on a lot of web sites which enables you to read their RSS Feed without having to visit the web sites.

RSS Feeds are known as RSS. There are some differences about what RSS actually stands for but most people settle for 'Really Simple Syndication'. In simple terms, RSS Feeds are just web pages designed to be read by computers rather than people.

How to start using RSS Feeds

The first thing you need to start using an RSS Feed is a feed reader. A feed reader is software that checks RSS Feeds and then allows you to read new articles that have been added.

There are many different versions of feed readers, some are accessed using a browser and some are downloadable applications.


Feedburner is our favoured feed reader. Feedburner was acquired by Google in 2007 so you can be assured it'll be around for a long time. The Feedburner icon on the left is available next to the RSS icon in the right hand column.

A browser news reader lets you read your RSS feed subscriptions from any computer, downloadable applications will allow you to store RSS Feeds on your computer, just like email.

Once you have chosen a news reader all you have to do is choose what content you want to receive (subscribing) by clicking on the RSS Feed button.

Click on an RSS Feed and you can subscribe to that feed. Either by dragging the URL of the RSS Feed into your news reader or you can cut and paste the URL into your news reader.

Firefox, Opera and Safari amongst others, will check automatically feeds for you when you visit a web site and display an icon in the address bar when one is found. This makes subscribing to feeds really easy.

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