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Download the Firefox browser and you'll wonder how you ever did without it! It's free and we consider it to be the safest web browser available. You can import all your favourite websites and other information from your Internet Explorer browser without having to erase Internet Explorer.

Download Firefox, try it for a week and you'll wonder why you waited so long!

Firefox runs alongside other browsers so you can use both and compare them.

Some of the features of Firefox are

"79% of all PCs are infected with spyware or adware." - Source: FBI

Download Firefox and stop malware, spyware and other problems. We consider Firefox to be the safest web browser available.

But if Firefox is not for you here's a selection of other browsers to compare.


Download Opera


Download Mozilla and other products from


Download Camino browser


Download Konqueror browser


Download Safari for Mac


Download Shiira for Mac browser


Download Omniweb browser

BBC announce Microsoft browser upgrade

19 October 2006 - BBC announce Microsoft's Internet Explorer upgrade to version 7.

Internet Explorer Seven

Download Internet Explorer 7 browser

How BBC News announced the news of Microsoft's upgraded browser.

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