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Original Shewee - The Hygienic Toilet Solution

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Shewee Storage Case

Weight 30g
Size 190mm x 35mm x 65mm
Made from recyclable Polypropylene
Pink or Nato Green
In Stock £4.99 BUY NOW Pink
In Stock £4.99 BUY NOW Nato Green

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QeeZee Travel Sick Bag

Disposable sick bag
Includes Lemon wipe
Anti-odour gel

The travel sick bag with a revolutionary absorbent anti-odour gel. Qeezee includes a lemon wipe for freshness and is perfect for travel sickness or for children.

In Stock £2.99 BUY NOW

Shewee is a Handbag Essential Just Like Your Lipstick !

image showing how to use Shewee

Use Shewee instead of sitting on dirty public toilet seats. When squatting is difficult Shewee is the solution.

So… ok, you can use Shewee if you're in a public toilet and it's dirty! When else can you use Shewee? When faced with unconventional toilet facilities on holiday! When you have to supply a urine sample! Climbing! Rambling! Camping or… stuck in traffic! Another situation where Shewee comes in handy? Music festivals!

Made of reusable plastic it can used without washing between uses. Shewee has a non-drip coating and comes with a resealable bag. To clean, place Shewee in a washing machine or wash in warm soapy water.

Practise using a Shewee in the shower - when urine first leaves your body it's sterile. You can sterilise Shewee in an Autoclave or microwave, It can even be boiled. Shewee withstands temperatures up to 120°C and detergents (including bleach).

About Shewee

Five inches long, lighter than a mobile phone, the Shewee fits discreetly into the smallest handbag.

Shewee's the answer for when women are are out and get caught short. Shewee lets them relieve themselves without having to remove their clothes.

Samantha Fountain's idea for Shewee came whilst working as a Personal Assistant in the City.

She was writing her university dissertation on how to make something that concerns many women - public toilet facilities.

Samantha says "as a child I was brought up not to sit on public toilet seats in case of catching germs. Firstly I thought of designing retractable toilets that could be washed after every use, but as this was rather impractical I decided to work on something that women could use to avoid contact with the toilet altogether."

The Shewee offers far wider use than simply offering a hygenic solution for women to use public toilets. The national health service may use it for collecting samples, to enable patients to go to the toilet who can stand but are unable to visit the toilet, and avoid the mess of a bedpan.

instruction pack for Shewee

Another market for Shewee is the armed forces, explains Samantha "female soldiers currently have to camouflage their behinds the same as they do their face to ensure that they do not give their position away when going to the toilet on manoeuvres."

Winning the Dyson Product Design Award in 2000 Samantha's prize included a six month placement with James Dyson himself, helping to design a robotic vacuum cleaner.

The opportunity gave Samantha the opportunity to work with plastic manufacturers and her determination to successfully market her Shewee design increased.

"After winning the award I received calls of encouragement and offers of assistance. One friend even met a backpacker in Australia who had heard of Shewee which spurred me on to make my idea a reality."

Samantha left her job in January 2005, concentrating on bringing the Shewee to market.

A close friend and experienced businessman, Keith Jessop, mentored Samantha for four years providing invaluable advice and access to manufacturers.

Samatha says that "having her own business has been undoubtedly exciting but that the challenge has brought with it new responsibilities."

"It's not like a normal day job where I could just resign if I didn't enjoy it anymore. I have a dozen or so investors dependent on me to make the idea profitable and that's quite daunting."

Samantha's day includes speaking to the investors and keeping up to date with the accounts, marketing and sales.

One volunteer, Rachel Collins, was impressed at how easy it was to adapt to urinating standing up. "I always thought it would seem very strange but it's surprising how quickly you get used to it. I used the Shewee for the first time when I was on a golfing weekend and now I always carry it in my handbag."

Shewee in the hand

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