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Drop Nature Calls in the loo to clear the air of Number 2s!

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Nature Calls bottle

Use Nature Calls and It'll Be Like You've Never Been!

Add 2 drops of Nature Calls into toilet
Carry out your lavatorial business
Result? No bad odour!

Nature Calls is nature's way of getting rid of bad toilet odours.

A couple of drops of Nature Calls in a toilet bowl before you go stops the possibility of your toilet odour attacking the next visitor and making them want to vacate!

Nature Calls contains natural plant extracts that instantly rids your bathroom of foul smelling odours.

Nature Calls leaves a toilet smelling fresh and not of last night's curry!

Take The Pong Out Of Your Poo!

No more spraying choking airsprays around to cover up the fumes!

Save embarrassing situations by taking Nature Calls with you when visiting friends or travelling.

Deodorising toilet drops
Contains natural plant extracts
One bottle lasts three months


Fragrance, Glycolic Ether, Plant Extract.

Avoid skin and eye contact

Customer Testimonials

I was amazed - this s**t really works!

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