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Sausage Omelette with Sweet Peppers

How to make this quick and delicious meal served with a jacket potato for a fast lunchtime treat

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How to prepare

Melt a third of the butter in omelette pan and fry the sausages till golden, remove and slice diagonally, put them in the oven to keep warm.

Wipe the pan out with kitchen paper to remove the sausage fat (it'll burn and spoil the omelette).

Beat the eggs and milk lightly and add salt and pepper.

Add half of the butter to the pan and saute the pepper and onions for a few minutes.

Remove from pan and place with sausages in oven.

Wipe out the pan with kitchen paper.

Add the remaining butter to the pan and just as the foaming butter subsides add the egg mixture to the pan, stirring until it begins to set.

Add the sausages, peppers and onions to the pan and continue cooking till the egg is just set.

To serve

A medium-sized jacket potato topped with sour cream with finely chopped chives stirred in.

The fastest way to prepare a jacket potato is in the microwave, follow your microwave guide instructions for timing.

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