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How to make perfect Pancakes

Traditionally served simply with lemon juice and sugar

Shopping List

One egg
Pinch of Salt
4oz Plain Flour
200ml Milk
200ml Tepid Water
Lemon Juice
Granulated Sugar

How to prepare

Sift flour into bowl, add egg and salt, beat in milk and add the tepid water until you have single cream consistency.

This batter mixture should make enough for eight pancakes.

Heat your pancake pan then add a teaspoon of oil and roll around the pan to cover the surface.

Add a ladle of the mixture to the pan and tip to cover the base. The first pancake's never right so throw it away or give it to the dog!

To Serve

Served folded is the traditional way, squeezing lemon juice and sprinkling with granulated sugar adds the final touch.

For extra flavour you can serve with caramelised apple slices on the side and a healthy sprinkling of cinnamon.

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