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Cocktails - Shaken & Stirred!

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The precise definition of a cocktail is a short drink of two or more ingredients, stirred or shaken - but the meaning has broadened to encompass larger mixed and long drinks.

Sadly the origin of the word 'cocktail' is lost but quite a few theories remain about it. One concerns bartender Betsy Flanagan who decorated her glasses during the American War of Independence with feathers from birds she had pinched from a traitorous pro-Britisher. A Frenchman gallantly toasted her with 'Vive le cocktail'!

There are even more unlikely stories of Bessies, roosters and mixed drinks - of swizzle sticks shaped like roosters' tails, of drinks for fighting cocks, and of tubs full of mixed spirits stirred with things shaped like a cock's tail.

Bloody Mary

You need: Vodka (Smirnoff will do just fine, save your Stolichnaya for knocking back straight out of the freezer), Tomato Juice, Black Pepper, Celery Salt, Ice cubes, Tabasco, Worcestershire Sauce, Lemon, 750ml Cocktail Shaker, optional - stick of celery.

What you put in: 4 Ice cubes, Triple Vodka, Tomato Juice up to about 50mm from top of shaker. Four-six drops Tabasco, four-six drops Worcestershire Sauce, Six twists of freshly milled black pepper, teaspoon of celery salt, and the juice of half a lemon.

What you do: Shake for 20-30 seconds then pour into a hi-ball tumbler, dress with a little more celery salt on the top, stick in the celery and sip it.

What does it do: Clears your head and is extremely refreshing. Mess about with the measures to find your favourite mixture. Try using dry sherry or horseradish for an extra strong kick.

Kalgoorlie Cooler

You need: Australian Whisky, rind of 1 orange & juice, dry ginger, slice orange and cherry, Ice.

What you do: Place ice in tall glass, pour in whisky, grate in the rind of orange, add juice of orange, top up with dry ginger and add slice of orange and a cherry.

Dry and Dry

You need: Dry Martini, American Dry, Ice.

What you do: Place ice in tall glass, pour over the martini then add the same amount of American Dry.

What does it do: This really is a most refreshing aperitif and also helps to aid digestion.

Modern Midi

You need: Silver Tequila, Vodka, Midori Liqueur, Orange Juice, Ice.

What you do: Place 6 cubes ice, Double Tequila, Double Vodka, fill up with Orange Juice to halfway then to the top with Midori.

What does it do: Cannot for the life of me remember. Excellent!

Salty Dog

You need: Vodka, Grapefruit Juice, Salt, Ice.

What you do: Place ice in a glass, pour vodka and grapefruit juice in, add salt and stir.

What does it do: Let me know!


You need: Double Brandy, Single White Creme de Menthe, Ice.

What you do: Place ice in glass, pour brandy over followed by Creme de Menthe.

What does it do: Kicks you in the chest and clears your head.

Black Velvet

You need: Pint of Guinness, Glass of Champagne.

What you do: Pour equal measures of Guinness and Champagne into glass.

What does it do: Takes you back to those summer days of Ascot.

Black Dog

You need: 50ml Light Rum, dash of vermouth, 1 black olive.

What you do: Pour into glass on top of olive.

What does it do: If you are careful, nothing extraordinary.

Liver Recovery

What you need: Six fresh strawberries, two green apples, one banana.

What you do: Whizz up in a blender and pour into a milkshake glass.

What does it do: Replaces all those essential things that you have lost while drinking the others!

Remember! Do not under any circumstances Drink and Drive, either take a licensed cab or have a nominated non-drinking driver, ALWAYS.

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