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QuikTop™ Turns a Can Into a Bottle

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QuikTop™ keeps the fizz in your can fresh!

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QuikTop™ is guaranteed to keep the fizz in your can. And QuikTop™ is as easy to drink from as a sports bottle.

QuikTop™'s airtight seal means no more flat drinks. The patented seal is guaranteed watertight and is easy to remove. Pinch the tiny ears and reuse QuikTop™ again and again.

Its patented autolock easy on-easy off clip holds QuikTop™ securely on the can. QuikTop™ forms a hermetic seal using the pressure of the drink and is guaranteed not to burst.

Customer Testimonials

Thanks for your help and quick delivery. These are a great product. Your tip about getting the children to make a design so they knew which was theirs was especially handy. Sharon


QuikTop™ works with the pressure of the carbonated liquid inside the can. The maximum pressure of canned soft drinks and beer is around 150 pounds at 4 bars.

The clever filter in QuikTop™ keeps objects (such as insects) out while allowing liquid to flow freely. Space is left in the design of QuikTop™ to insert a straw.

QuikTop™ can be used as a cup, - perfect for school, packed lunches, picnics and using on the beach. If the can is ice-cold it will also protect your fingers. Or use the lid as a coaster to protect tables from condensation marks.

Stop breaking fingernails opening cans. Simply slide QuikTop™'s cap under the ring pull to open the can.

A simple hook on the QuikTop™ holds the can securely on your belt or bag. Once you've used a QuikTop™ you'll wonder how you ever managed without one.

QuikTop™ is made from polypropylene and Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene to strict food industry standards (FDA approved).

Winner of the International Best Invention Award

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