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Using the Original Pizza Maker Oven Your Pizza's Ready in 5 minutes

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Original Pizza Maker oven with lid open to reveal prepared pizza

The Original Pizza Oven is out of stock. Contact us and we'll let you know if it comes back in stock

Homemade Pizza is Much Better than a Takeaway!

Original Pizza Maker Oven includes

Pizza Cutter
Pizza Paddles
Pizza Stone
Deep Pan Base
Full Instructions
Easy to Follow Recipe Booklet

The Original Pizza Maker Oven sits on your kitchen worktop. Its easy to use temperature control makes pizza cooking simple.

Turn on the oven and allow it to heat up for 5 minutes, place your prepared pizza on the hot 'firestone' cooking bed, in 5 minutes your pizza's cooked and ready to eat.

Only takes 5 minutes to heat up
Evenly cooked crisp pizza base
Pizza ready to eat in 5 minutes

So… home made pizza in a few minutes that tastes like the real thing. The Original Pizza Maker Oven is ideal for a caravan or holiday home and makes a fantastic (and economical) gift.

Pizza in the Pizza Maker Oven with the lid up  image shows pizza before cooking being placed on Original Pizza Maker Oven stone using supplied pizza paddles  Pizza Maker Oven using the deep pan dish accessory

Compare Pizza Cooked in a Conventional Oven with Pizza Cooked in the Original Pizza Maker Oven

Original Pizza Maker Oven
Conventional Domestic Oven
5 minutes heating up
15 minutes heating up
280°C Dry heat
Keeps in moisture
Pizza cooks evenly
Edges cook first
Ready in 5 minutes
Ready in 15 minutes

Cooking pizza at home is difficult as domestic ovens do not generate enough heat to cook them satisfactorily. Till now if you wanted a genuine crispy Italian style pizza base you had to invest in a wood-burning oven or visit a restaurant or expensive takeaway.

Most home ovens never reach the temperature hot enough to cook a pizza. They also tend to only cook the outside of the pizza. As moisture cannot escape you end up with soggy pizza, not a delicious crispy crust. And it takes 15 minutes or longer to cook resulting in higher domestic bills!

3 Reasons Why the Original Pizza Maker Oven is Better Than Other Pizza Ovens

  1. The heating element in other pizza ovens only covers 50% of the base.
  2. When a turntable motor's underneath the centre of the pizza the middle of your pizza does not cook properly and remains soggy.
  3. A window on the lid will soon discolour.

So… Sometimes Simple is Best!

Original Pizza Maker Oven element covers the whole base
The Original Pizza Maker Oven is robust with no moving parts to go wrong
The Original Pizza Maker Oven delivers perfect pizza time after time

Designed with a pure 'Firestone' cooking bed, this unique cooking base gives an intense 280°C dry heat which absorbs any moisture from fresh or frozen dough and ensures your pizza (supermarket bought or home made) is delivered perfectly cooked. A crisp base from centre to edge; in only 5 minutes; mouth watering!

The Original Pizza Maker Oven also warms croissants and tortilla wraps beautifully. Frozen supermarket pizzas taste better when cooked in the Pizza Maker Oven. Even frozen fish fingers only take 10 minutes to cook!

The Original Pizza Maker Oven is useful for cooking many other meals not just fantastic pizza. You can use the Pizza Maker Oven for cooking chicken, fish, fresh pancakes, omelettes and frittatas.

Pizza Maker Oven being used to warm croissants

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