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Original Gourmet Pasta Forks end embarrassing Spaghetti eating

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image of the original pasta fork
original pasta fork starting  original pasta fork mid way  original pasta fork finished

The Most Ingenious Pasta Eating Utensil in Years!

So easy to use - starting at the top, slide your fingers down the Original Gourmet Pasta Fork. As your fingers slide down the fork, the fork twirls and collects a perfect mouthful of spaghetti every time.

Each pack contains 2 Original Gourmet Pasta Forks. Perfect for romantic dinners without embarrassinng yourself!

No more embarrassment in front of the in-laws or a packed Spaghetti House.
Stop chasing spaghetti round your plate or cutting it up into baby worms to save messing up your shirt.
No more dribbled pasta sauce on your chin!
Keeps children amused and interested in eating their meal.

You'd never believe that eating pasta could be this easy!

Original Gourmet Pasta Forks are 260mm long.

Twirling spaghetti around the Original Gourmet Pasta Fork is so easy.

Jamie Oliver selects our Gourmet Pasta Forks for his Italian restaurants

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver chose our Original Gourmet Pasta Forks to give diners at Jamie's Italian neighbourhood restaurants the best possible chance of scoffing their pasta without making a mess!

The Perfect Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese

We've researched, prepared and tasted an easy-to-follow spaghetti bolognese recipe for you to try with the Original Gourmet Pasta Forks.

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