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GQ Magazine July 2006 issue

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Ultra Shave in the July issue of GQ magazine

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Special Offer for readers of GQ - The home of cool stuff

Easily detangle hair gently using the Tangle Teezer

Invented by Shaun Pulfrey, celebrity hair colourist, Tangle Teezer gently glides and untangles your hair without pulling.

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Magic-Pizza Disk

In Stock £9.99 BUY NOW

Magic Pizza Disk

Backed by Theo Paphitis and Peter Jones on Dragons' Den the Magic-Pizza disk solves the problem of soggy bottomed unevenly cooked pizza.

The unique design of the Magic-Pizza disk ensures your pizza is cooked to perfection!

More about the Magic-Pizza Disk…

Unblock plugholes quickly with FlexiSnake™

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Sink, bath or shower blocked with clumps of hair? You need FlexiSnake™ - clear the blockage quickly and safely in minutes.

Save time, effort and your money on call-out charges. FlexiSnake™ unblocks sinks FAST!


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