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Magic-Pizza Disk Stops Soggy Bottoms!

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Magic Pizza Disk

Guarantees evenly cooked pizza and no more soggy bottoms!

Magic-Pizza Disk Inventor Ray Smith solved the problem of soggy pizzas.

Using the Magic-Pizza Disk you'll have an evenly cooked pizza from edge to centre every time.

Magic-Pizza Disk is a perforated stainless steel convex device that you place under your pizza. The Magic-Pizza Disk raises the pizza closer to the heat source and ensures the centre is cooked at the same rate as the edge.

Ray Smith featured in the sixth episode of the sixth series of Dragons' Den. Against the odds, after his pitch he secured his requested investment capital from Dragons' Den entrepreneurs Peter Jones and Theo Paphitis.

Specially designed to help with evenly cooking pizza, whether fresh or frozen, the Magic-Pizza Disk ensures the topping is hot in the centre, giving a healthier cooked pizza.

The unique design of the Magic-Pizza Disk increases temperature at the centre of the topping by up to 20%.

The Magic-Pizza Disk reduces cooking time by up to 20% therefore saving energy.

The Magic-Pizza Disk is durable for long life.

Theo Paphitis
Theo Paphitis
Peter Jones

"This could be the cat's eye of the Pizza world" said Peter Jones when pitched the Magic Pizza on Dragons' Den. After years of cooking frozen pizzas and finding a 'soggy middle' everytime Ray Smith came up with the solution to the dilemma. After six years' work on developing and patenting the Magic-Pizza he eventually had a product worthy of taking on Dragons' Den.

His pitch is regarded as one of the worst ever in the den he initially struggled to persuade them that the Magic-Pizza Disk was worth investment. Theo Paphitis suggested he may be barking mad and three dragons very quickly declared themselves out. With just Peter Jones and Theo still in, after some thought Peter decided with the right support and backing the Magic-Pizza Disk they could be onto a winner.

With Peter offering £25,000 for 25% if Theo was willing to join him Theo put up the other £25,000 for another 25%. This meant Ray, who had offered 10% initially had to make a decision of whether to give half his business away. He thought for a second and accepted - the deal was done!

Directions for use

Before first use wash the Magic Pizza Disk in hot soapy water
Lightly grease or oil the top of the Magic-Pizza Disk
Place the Magic-Pizza Disk on oven shelf then pre-heat the oven to the manufacturers recommended temperature for the pizza
Place the pizza approximately on the centre of the Magic-Pizza Disk
Cook your pizza until brown speckles show in the centre of the topping
Remove your cooked pizza and leave the Magic-Pizza Disk to cool before removing from oven
Not for use in a microwave oven
Caution - the pizza topping will be very hot

UK Patent No. GB2378379 - Others Pending

European Commmunity Design No. 000073580-0001

Magic Pizza Disk

Peter Jones with Magic Pizza Disk

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