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Rare Turquoise from Kingman Mine Bottle Stop

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In Stock £85.00 BUY NOW Rare Kingman Mine Turquoise Bottle Stop

These exquisite Rare Turquoise bottle stops are topped with rare Turquoise mined from the historic Kingman Mine in Arizona, USA. The naturally rounded bright Kingman Turquoise nuggets are highly collectible. Turquoise is a beautiful collectable sure to increase in value. Its hand-crafted wooden stand sets each off for the perfect display.

Kingman Mine Turquoise Wine Bottle Stop

One of the largest Turquoise mines in the South West, Kingman Blue Turquoise is known for being the colour standard of the industry. Few mines produce Turquoise of this quality.

Some of the best Kingman specimens were mined in the 1960s and were an intense blue with a silver and black matrix. This grade was found in the Ithaca Peak area and has long been exhausted.

Re-opened in September 2004 since being closed in the 1970s the Kingman Mine yields around 1600 pounds of rough stone per month. Half is sent to China for cutting with the remainder sold to American artisans of the Turquoise trade.

Kingman Mine Turquoise Wine Bottle Stopper in Wooden Base

Kingman Mine Turquoise Wine Bottle Stoppers

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