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Thumb Up / Thumb Down Candleholders

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Out of Stock £6.99 BUY NOW Thumb Up Candleholder
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We Give These Candleholders The Thumbs Up!

Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Candleholders
White Ceramic
Thumb Up Dimension: 115mm x 77mm x 65mm
Thumb Down Dimension: 80mm x 77mm x 65mm

Pure white ceramic candleholders. Put in a candle to give the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down.

If he's late for dinner let him know your feelings. Use the Thumbs Candleholders as a secret code or just as graceful elegant dinner table pieces.

Before the mid- nineteenth century candles were mainly made from tallow (a by-product of rendering down beef fat). Now they are made from wax, most commonly paraffin wax and can also be made from gel, beeswax and soya.

Candles were usually a source of light and sometimes a source of heat. A solid block of fuel with an embedded wick melts as it burns, the candle grows shorter and the wick acts to vaporise and burn the candle.

As the vaporised fuel mixes with oxygen a flame is formed. This flame provides enough heat to keep the candle burning by melting the solid fuel. The flame burning gives off different colours in several sections. The blue part of the flame is hydrogen separating from the fuel and forming water vapour. The yellower part of the flame is carbon being oxidised to form carbon dioxide.

Candle makers are traditionally known as chandlers. A chandlery was the office of medieval households where candles were kept.

Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Candleholders

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