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Twist, Shake and Sprinkle to Season with Flexibility

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animated image of flexible salt and pepper hose
image of filled flexible salt and pepper hoses

Flexible Salt & Pepper Shakers for Seasoning your Sexy Nosh

These fun and flexible salt & pepper hoses will be the talking point curled up on the dining table. Supplied with a funnel for easy refilling.

"A groundbreaking gift these unusual salt and pepper shakers are a lot of fun" Ocean Spring

"Flex appeal" Mail on Sunday

"Salt & pepper is now a talking point at the smartest dinner parties! These cool, flexible dispensers hold coarse-ground black pepper and finely ground table salt" Science Museum

"A design which takes its inspiration from a barbequed food-fight when flexi-straws were used as food missile launchers, the Flexi-Sexi salt and pepper set is an innovative, yet functional product" Homestyle

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