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Cassette Tape Sellotape Dispenser

In Stock £13.99 BUY NOW Black Tape Sellotape Dispenser
In Stock £13.99 BUY NOW Cool Grey Tape Sellotape Dispenser
Cassette tape sellotape dispensers

You Spin Me Right Round, Right Round!

Non-slip Rubber
Holds 19mm x 33mm Sellotape roll
Size: 140mm x 37mm x 90mm
Weight: 400g
Black with Red label
Cool Grey with Black label

image of black cassette tape sellotape dispenser

Relive memories of the nearly-departed cassette tape! Shaped just like audio tapes these sellotape dispensers even have spool wheels like original cassette tapes had.

Pull the Cassette Tape Sellotape Dispenser halves apart to replace the tape as necessary.

You'll be reminded of BASF cassette tapes with their bright red label. You can see just how much tape you've got left through the tape window.

Nobody till now had thought of producing sellotape dispensers in the shape of cassette audio tapes. Next will be be the 8 Track toilet roll holder and the Betamax cling film dispenser!

Remember Sunday teatimes when the hit parade was a worthwhile event. Everyone waiting for Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart to count down the Top 20. Holding the cassette tape recorder microphone next to the transistor radio loudspeaker. One finger on the pause button hoping to cut out the DJs talkover.

image of cool grey cassette tape sellotape dispensers

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