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Big Head Coasters - at last… here’s proof that a Big Head can be a Good Thing!

Big Head Coasters

Stand ’em up, knock ’em down and put a mug on ’em!

Dishwasher proof
Heat resistant rubber
Dimensions 126mm x 20mm x 90mm
Plenty of room to rest your drink

Customer Testimonials

I am always amazed at the speed which Modern Gent gets the order out & to me in Australia. In the orders I have asked for there has been no fuss and always a friendly cheerio. Many, many thanks for the good old-fashioned service. Keep up the good work. Maureen, Australia

Got my delivery thanks - love the coasters. I regret buying them as a present now as they would look lovely in my own lounge!! Thanks for a great service. Lindsey

Fun to look at and fun to use the Big Head Coasters in shades of pink or blue protect and brighten any surface.

Big Head Coasters are perfect for resting your tea, coffee, cups or mugs, beer or wine glasses, keys or your small change!

When you're not using your Big Head Coasters just stand them up or place decoratively around the room.

Remember putting your mug on the table and your Mum screaming at you 'get it off the table' because it would leave a ring? Worry no more, these big head coasters will protect your woodwork and please your mother.

Big Head Coasters are dishwasher proof, heat resistant and make a perfect housewarming gift or… treat yourself.

Big Head Coasters even cover up past mishaps!

What The Press Say

"What do these remind us of? Those adorable 1970s Smash aliens in their flying saucer (so cuddly that it must have had a matching cup). They have that retro NASA-gadget quality… for your own little aliens on the table, Big Head Coasters (skirted or not, extra-terrestrial life can be so conventional) in heat-resistant rubber. If only they giggled galactically!"

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