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BIC Pen Lid Pen Holder Desk Tidy

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image of Red, Black, Blue and Green BIC Pen Lid Pen Holder Desk Tidies

Made from Polypropylene
Dimensions 244mm x 77mm
Weighted for stability
Black, Red, Blue or Green

At last a suitable home for loose pens and pencils!

This must be the winner of the Guinness Book of Records for the largest pen lid, ever. Original and unususal and made by J-Me.

Modernise your desk with a colourful pen lid!

The BIC Boy was first drawn as a school boy with a head in the shape of a ball holding a pen behind his back. The name BIC is a shortened version of the founder's name, Marcel Bich. The BIC Cristal was launched in 1950 and is where the iconic lid was first used.

In 1988 BIC even launched their own perfume, Parfum BIC - the world's first fine French perfume that was a high quality but with affordable pricing. The four BIC perfumes - JOUR and NUIT for Women, BIC for Men and BIC SPORT for Men were made in France and introduced to Europe, North America and some African and Middle Eastern countries. In 1991 the manufacture of BIC perfumes ended, although a few markets remain, including Iran where it's still manufactured and distributed.

To help prevent BIC pens from leaking they all comply with international safety standards by having a small hole in the lid in case of being accidentally swallowed. The BIC Pen Lid Desk Tidy doesn't have a hole - but you'd need a big mouth to swallow it.

image of Blue BIC Pen Lid Pen Holder Desk Tidy close up

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