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Celebrity Barber Daniel Rouah

Question - When did you become interested in men's grooming?

Answer - I loved grooming first and people came to me all the time asking me what was the secret of my success. I always said "looking good and beautiful you will attract people and success".

Daniel Rouah singes hair at a shaving seminar

Q. How old were you when you began training as a barber?

A. I left school at 14.

Q. What prompted you to start the first male grooming salon in London?

A. London is the place to be and English guys like new things more than Europeans.

Q. How did you begin to educate men in taking an interest in their grooming habits?

A. I told them they will age gracefully and will be a success, not especially in wealth, mind you!

Q. What made you decide to launch your own range of products?

A. There are very little grooming products on the market at affordable prices - most are too expensive.

Q. What advice can you give to anyone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

A. Start working with the best at the very top.

Part of Daniel Rouah's collection of shaving paraphernalia

Q. You have a vast collection of grooming artefacts, how did you begin your collection and why?

A. My wife bought me an old hair brush and it became an obsession.

Q. Can you recall the first item that you bought?

A. A collection of seven razors dating back to the 18th century.

Q. How many pieces make up your collection?

A. 20,000

Q. What takes place at your grooming seminars?

A. Everything - practical, history, technology and more.

Q. What is the split between male and female students at your seminars?

A. There are more women.

Q. Who was the most interesting celebrity you interviewed on 'The Big E'

A. Richard E. Grant, Chris Tarrant.

Q. ... and the least interesting?

A. I honestly couldn't say as people get very nervous being interviewed and sometimes the best of them doesn't come out and they freeze.

Daniel Rouah demonstrates at a seminar

Q. How do you formulate your product range?

A. I formulate the product range by the individual requirements of clients.

Q. What is the biggest single tip you can give on male grooming?

A. Shave every day and moisturise your skin daily - in the morning and evening.

Q. When will your book be published and what is it called?

A. It is titled "Hey, good looking" and will be available in all good bookshops.

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