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When Two Become One

Day Ten

Day ten in the jungle, tonight twelve will become eleven when one of the celebs is voted off.

Last night Jan and Phina had a slanging match, Jan swore at Phina, Phina replied "shut up or I'll kick your head in and get that stick out of your arse", the two of them have not exactly hit it off from the start.

Toby came into camp with a smile on his face and said "I have had my first pooh in ten days, I was getting a bit worried I thought my arse had closed up" - don't think the other camp members really wanted to know all the details of Toby's bowel movements.

It was time for the immunity trial, whoever won the trial between Scott and Phina would get immunity for their camp from tonight's eviction. The Bushtucker Trial What Lies Beneath, in the lake was a frame of wood covered with perspex. In the perspex was an airhole, the contestants had to go under water, collect the stars, come out up through the airhole and put the star on the edge of the frame. What they didn't know was that they were to be joined by alligators.

Phina was first off - she was horrified when she spotted the alligators, muttering "you bastards" and taking one big breath dived under water for the stars. Up she came through the airhole with one star, she managed to complete the task quickly and managed all six stars. Next up was Scott - told the rules of the task and told to take a deep breath and dive. He hadn't even put his head under the water before he was moaning that he couldn't catch his breath. One excuse after another, he did not want to carry on with the task because he didn't like being in confined spaces, then he could not swim underwater without a snorkel, really meaning that he was a coward! And Scott had said he was going to kick Phina's butt!

Back at the camp the celebs were waiting anxiously to see whose camp had immunity from eviction. Phina returned to Snake Rock saying to the girls "how much do you love me, I have got you six stars", the camp were all jumping for joy. Faith called Phina a Queen, that she was dynamite and amazing to do what she did in the task.

Scott got back to his camp and said "I'm sorry lads I did not do the task I could not breathe, they'd alligators in with me - and snakes, spiders and Eels and it was really murky water". Scott must be hallucinating as the only other thing was the alligators.

After three days in Snake Rock the girls were returning to Base Camp to join the boys. Phina went straight to bed as she and Scott had not sorted out their differences.

Scott wailed "he did not expect to get bitten by Phina, a snake perhaps, but not Phina". Phina said "she didn't mean to bite Scott, she was mucking about". "Scott should not have sat down on the chest so she couldn't get to the lock". Scott's retorte "what did you want me to do? Fight you back? Why didn't you just tickle me, don't bite, dont scratch, just tickle me."

David got the camp together and told them "we might not be here much longer let's make the best of what we have got and all get on together, and draw a line under all that has happened". Phina made up with Scott, whispering in his ear that she was sorry, "I'm not an alley cat, I did not mean it".

Scott said he did not want to be first out - no-one wants to be unpopular and be the first to go.

The two who could be evicted are Dean and Toby (surprisingly) - Dean feels weird whilst Toby is finding it nerve-wracking, and it knocks the wind out of your sails and would like to stay a little bit longer!

And the first to be evicted from the camp is... Toby. That's two vacations in a day for him!

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