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Two stone Gest-ation

Day Fifteen

Following Phina's leaving the camp yesterday, Jan said "I will miss her, she was full of fun, even though we did not see eye to eye that often". Jason, Matt and Dean are David's bitches, he has them running around after him, doing his washing, brushing his hair, Jan folds all his clothes up for him, saying it just seems a natural thing to do.

Two girls had to be picked from the camp to do the Bushtucker Trial. After discussion in the camp it was decided that Myleene and Malandra would be the best girls for the trial. Ant and Dec were at the trial area to explain the trial to them. They'd to walk a tightrope to a platform two hundred and fifty feet up in the air. The platform was balanced like a slide, and on the edge of the platform were numbered flags. The girls had to move up and down the platform simultaneously collecting the flags ensuring their numbers were the same, whilst communicating with each other.

Malandra went one way along the platform and Myleene the other. As they reached the number they pulled the flag and then moved on to the next. They managed to get up to five pairs of flags. On the sixth pair Myleene fell all the way down the platform and lost the flags. She got back on and off they went again. This time Malandra slipped but they managed to scramble back and get the seventh pair. Through excitement Malandra dropped one of the flags so they lost another meal - in the end they managed five meals out of seven.

When the girls got back to camp they told the other celebs that they'd failed the task. When the others saw the look on their faces Malandra told them the truth, "we got five meals", David said "I'm not doing the dishes".

Jan seems to be chilling out at last, maybe it's because David has been talking to her more. He asked if she would strip off for Playboy if they gave her £250,000, Jan replied "Yes - I would if they had a good photographer". Dean said " she is not going to get her vagina out is she, I don't think I'd like my gran doing that."

Jason was going around the camp filming with a camcorder they'd been given - the poo pee, which in English is the toilet. Interviewing the others in his best David Attenborough, complete with an ending of "This is Jason Donavon, just remember one thing? Carry on camping".

David was in one of his sentimental moods. Saying he thought Jason was a great guy, and that he would not have made it this far without him, they are always laughing and have became a bit of a double act. They have even resorted to plucking each others noses and ears.

Jason was given a set of scales so they could see how much weight they had lost since going into the camp. Four of the group decided to weigh themselves - Matt had lost one stone, Jan half a stone, Myleene six pounds, and David two stone, not a bad way to diet living in the jungle.

Dean and Jan had the Celebrity Chest task. They have two tanks, one is full of eels whilst the other is empty. They have to transfer the eels from one tank into the other, counting them. It wasn't easy as they are slimy and greasy. Dean lifted sixteen then Jan lost count so they had to start over. Jan now kept repeating the number so she wouldn't forget. Dean let Jan have a go after a while and in the end they counted sixty four eels. The combination for the chest was therefore 0064. When they got back to camp and opened the chest inside they found a note to say they'd to form two teams, boys versus girls and take a spelling test. The boys came out on top and as a reward they were given crisps and beer. The girls got a snore stopper - that'll be for David!

For their troubles, the Bushtucker Trial dinner was a cheese platter and two bottles of best wine. David was telling the others about a party he had with Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. Matt said he has never been to a dinner party before, David replied "I will invite you to my next one".

David also talked about his marriage to Liza Minelli. He said a lot of the trouble was drink-related, and if someone asked if he wanted more money or marriage he would choose marriage. I don't miss Liza - I miss the marriage part.

The public eviction vote saw Malandra leaving the camp instead of Dean.

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