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Take Faith

Day Twelve

Scott took a retrospective view of life in the jungle camp and his time spent with the other celebs. His thoughts on the others, he attacked Lauren, stating that he thought she had escaped public eviction through her tears when her letter from home was read out.

In the camp, Phina, Lauren and Dean were selected to carry out the day's Bushtucker Trial 'Jungle Falls'. Trussed up, they were told they would be bungee'd from a crane 100 feet to drop paintballs onto stars below. Each direct hit on a star would win two meals for the camp.

Phina went first, plunging fearlessly and scoring a direct hit, two meals for the camp. Dean was next, placing his hope in the rope, dropped his paintball and gained another two meals. Lauren was last to drop, gung ho, she fell, dropping her paintball and hitting the target, gaining another two!

Now Lauren went again, this time she missed the target. Then Dean, he too missed his star. Phina, last to try and win another two meals, also missed the star target. So, a brave attempt by all three but only six meals for their troubles.

It transpired that Lauren had blacked out - briefly - on her second jump, requiring treatment from Medic Bob she was then told to take her time on the way back to the camp.

Phina, speaking to Faith when they had returned to camp, reckoned that Lauren had embellished her fainting in order to gain sympathy in the public vote. First Scott, now Phina, ganging up on Lauren - is this part of a Blair backlash?

Agreed sleeping arrangements for the treehouse have gone awry, with Phina spending night after night in there. Jan spoke to Faith about needing a decent night's sleep and wanted to spend a night on a flat bed in the treehouse. So... Faith toddled off to David to tell him the news as camp leader.

David called Phina over and suggested that she allow Jan to sleep up in the treehouse. No way was Phina allowing that, she had pulled her neck in the trial 'bringing home the bacon'. Taking the matter up with Jan, who feigned surprise at the suggestion that she 'would want to sleep up in the treehouse, on a flat bed', should be made on her behalf. So, Phina gets to stay another night up in the treehouse.

in the Celebrities' Chest trial, boys versus girls will compete against each other, two against two. David picked Dean and Jason, against Myleene and Malandra. The task is to build a tower to retrieve the key that will unlock breakfast treats in the chest.

Building a tower from crates, the girls decided to take a steady pace, whilst the boys rushed, and still the girls tower collapsed first! Jason just managed to grab the key on his second attempt before his tower fell yet again. "Happy Days" cried Jason, as the boys prepared to share out the treats of Danish Pastries and bread with butter.

"Heaven", David cried, "I'm in heaven - I can't believe I'm so excited over half a slice of bread!"

The public's voting saw Faith and Malandra as the two celebrities who it may be that would be leaving the camp immediately. After the phone poll was counted, the public had decided that it would be Faith who would be leaving camp.

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