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Day Fourteen

Jungle life is sending the celebs a little bit mad, Jason is acting strangely, talking to himself and singing silly songs, tempers are gradually fraying, maybe cabin fever has set in.

After Lauren left the camp yesterday, David "is getting pissed off - he's missing his home comforts. Though this morning they had the cooked breakfast that Dean and Malandra had bought back from their night in the jungle. Bacon, eggs and mushrooms. All said it was 'ace' and like being in a holiday camp, whilst saying their thank you's to Dean and Malandra.

David asked Jan, "was she OK", "don't you want to go home", Jan answered "I do - but if people keep voting for me to stay in I will". "I just want to go, I have had enough" answered David. But does he? - as Dean said "if someone wants to go that bad just go". Jason is still acting the goat around the camp, maybe he needs a technicolor straightjacket, maybe its just his way of coping with the jungle!

Jan was the camp's leader for the day. She wanted three of the boys to do the trial. The camp therefore decided that Jason, David and Matt would be the best boys for the trial. As they made their way to Shooting Gallery the rules were explained by Ant and Dec. They'd to slide down a water ramp carrying an arrow, and on their way down they were to aim up at a couple of balloons which had stars attached. For each star they retrieved there was a meal for the camp. First down was David, missing the balloon completely. Next to go was Matt and unfortunately he missed as well! Jason went next and managed a direct hit, so that was one dinner. They tried five more times but to no avail, missing the balloons each time. When they returned to camp to tell the others how badly they'd fared Dean didn't believe that they'd only got one meal.

They were given a camp contest of arm wresting to win a pot of coffee for two. Girls against girls and boys against boys - when asked, David and Matt declined. So first to go was Dean and Jason, it didn't take long before Jason had beaten Dean two nil, next were Jan and Malandra. As soon as Malandra held Jan's hand Jan pushed down beating her. Myleene's turn against Jan and Myleene suffered the same fate as Malandra! Jan even decided to take on Dean, even beating him in seconds! Jan and Jason for coffee - focaccia! as David would say.

The campers talked about each other's habits, Matt saying that "Dean is always looking in the mirror, and he wets his hair and then keeps shaking his head". "lPhina is always eating, and has a funny accent". Matt says "Wicked, full on ", "David makes up all these tall stories and snores for England", "Jason is always building things around the camp like brooms, tables and chairs". "Jan is always walking around as if she is looking for something, and asks for wood at three in the morning". Myleene's always saying "that's an amazing idea, that's just great" and last of all Malandra - "she just laughs out really outrageously then stops as suddenly".

Myleene and Jason are on the Treasure Chest Trial today. As they arrive at the spot there was a shower - and just over the other side was a large key hanging from a tree. Jason decided to jump and get the key but, as he did a string net engulfed him and he suspended him in mid-air! Myleene had a look at the shower and noticed a barrel of water above. She realised that she had to take a shower so the water would drain out of the tank and bring Jason down to earth. As she was washing she saw the soap had a key inside, so she had to use as much soap as she could to free the key. Eventually, Jason was back on terrafirma and they retrieved the key. Jason had also found a key inside the larger key.

Next part of the task was to now find the chest. As they were looking they came across another camp that had been set up for them. They were to spend the night there. Jason found two chests and, unlocking one, found sausages, bread, beans and some beer chilling on ice. Jason and Myleene settled down to cook their dinner, "what a change to have a meal and no conflict", Myleene said to Jason. Next morning they made their way back to camp with the other chest. This one had tea, sugar and milk inside for the now, happy campers.

In camp, as they had only won one meal from the Bushtucker Trial - as it was being winched in David said "they might as well chuck it in for what it's worth". Once they opened it they had one steak, assorted vegetables, dragon fruit and two potatoes.

Jan thought because Malandra and David did not eat meat they could have the potatoes. Phina wasn't too happy about that, saying they should all have the potatoes. After dinner, Jan asked who was going to wash up and David said to Phina, "are you going to wash up" her reply "bollocks, I'm not doing it, you can do it, David". David's retort "I'm not doing it, who the f*** does she think she's talking to? I don't do dishes". Tempers were frayed, but in the end Phina went to David and kissed him.

Didn't do Phina any good though as once the votes were in from the public she was out of the camp. Close one for Jan though!

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