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The camp is split in two

Day Seven

And on the seventh day, so the good book says, the camp shall be split in two!

Jan's fourth trial, Bull in a China Shop - seemed to go fairly smoothly, she first faced ostriches gaining two stars, then alpacas for another two and finally the bull with a weight of a ton and another two stars.

After the success of Jan's fourth Bushtucker Trial, she's fed up of bringing home the bacon - she thinks it's getting boring. It's all going to Jan's head, maybe that's what five marriags does to you!

Bombshell news was announced by Ant and Dec to the campers - they are to be split up. There will be two canmps formed, the Base Camp will stay and there will be another, rival camp, set up, called Snake Rock. The boys will stay on at Base Camp and the girls will go to the new camp.

Lots of new rules introduced, including immunity from being voted out to the winning camp.So it is now to become a battle of the sexes reality tv show. The two camps will be directing competing for food and luxuries. The whole of the camp were visibly upset, having bonded closely in their first few days together.

The first competitive match was between Matt and Scott for the boys versus Lauren and Phina for the girls. They had to get across a swamp unlocking padlocks as they crossed to the other side where the Jungle Treasure Chest was chained and padlocked. The girls set off and were soon in front, however, Scott decided that the rule of 'the first to unlock the chest' meant that he could sit and guard the chest against Phina.

A brawl erupted between Scott and Phina, with Phina coming off best and Scott, defeated with bites and scratches. Lauren and Matt kept out of it to the best of their ability until, in the end Matt called Scott off allowing the girls to win the task.

Lauren and Phina returned to Snake Rock, victoriously elated yet subdued also for the shameful way they had, an hour previously, been in tears at being parted from their buddies and still now fought for the victory.

Scott's piece to camera in the Bush Telegraph was all about how he could have phoned the police and had Phina arrested for actual physical harm. True, he could, and who's to say he won't!

The Treasure Chest question was "Who was asked to pose nude in Playboy? Lauren or Phina" - the answer, Lauren! The prize - cheese and biscuits!

The next Bushtucker Trial is Catch a Falling Star where, literally, a member from each camp will have to catch stars falling from the air, while they are falling to earch having jumped from the aeroplane ahead of the stars being released. David Gest is not taking part due to health reasons, verified by Medic Bob - so battle of the sexes part two will be between Scott for the men and for the girls, Jan - again - though it was close and could have been Phina for a replay!

Surely the time will come for Scott and Phina to meet again, the public must demand it.

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