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Six stars for David Gest

Day Two

The bickering and back-biting has already begun in the camp.

Friendships are not going to be the order of the day between David Gest and Lauren Booth after her scathing attack on him in a press article before leaving for the jungle. And David does not seem to be the forgiving sort!

David Gest went to the jungle clearing to complete his Flash Flood Bushtucker Trial. Things didn't look too hopeful (and the public were surely hoping he'd fail miserably) as he stumbled across the bridge and dropped his boots over the side.

Gushing as he was greeted by Ant and Dec all did not bode well. But The Gest faired well in the trial. Building up a rapport with the reptiles unleashed upon him in the trial, he took most of what was thrown at him - including alligators, yabbies and spiders. Spending time quipping with the critters as they tried to nip him he successfully gathered six stars before crying enough!

Almost leaving Ant and Dec with a spider on his head, he then left them with a spider stuck fast to his back.

The meals that David had won did not go down well, alligator tail was not what he had put himself through that for, he declared.

Bob the Medic had to put an appearance to save the campers from a snake that had decided to enter the camp for a sleep.

Matt spent the day moaning about the food and the weather so is no doubt proving himself to be more of a wimp than Scott.

Rumours abound on message boards and forums that a former celebrity camper will be returning to the jungle so... watch this space!

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