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Scream, Dean, Scream!

Day Sixteen

With Malandra leaving the camp yesterday that makes it, so far, four women in a row gone - so who will go today.

David was up to his tricks again today! Telling Jan that he had people come in to clean his teeth, and that his grandmother was ninety seven and she still did twenty press-ups a day - how gullable can Jan be, believing anything David says.

Matt was camp leader, choosing Dean for the Bushtucker Trial, Matt said it sounded quite scary. Dean replied "I'm bricking it, but I want to prove myself, and bring home the bacon". Making his way to the trial clearing where Dec explained to Dean that he would have to enter the Temple of Doom. Pitch black inside, he'd to look around for stars, when he found them he was to place them in his bag.

Dean went inside the temple and the entrance was covered. All you could hear was Dean screaming "it's horrible I cant see anything please help me, I am being eaten alive". Ant and Dec were in fits of laughter out side, he had five minutes to get all six stars, he managed to get three stars straight of, then you heard him retching as if he was going to be sick, "aaargh what's that, something's biting me, it stinks in here" hilarious - with spiders, maggots and cockroaches dropping all over him and rats around his feet, not to mention the toads jumping everywhere, he still managed to get another two stars in the time given him. In all, Dean retrieved five stars, Paul Burrell had nothing on Dean, such tremendous fun.

Dean went back to camp a happy; but sticky; man, telling his fellow campers the good news they asked him what the trial was like "Horrible - I screamed like a banshee!"

Meantime, in the camp David and Jason were making there time together fun, with David making up two words and asking members of the camp which word was the right description for each person. Dean thought these words were real and couldn't make out why Matt was getting them right and he was getting them wrong. David winked at Matt, Dean said "Come on, let me have another go, I want to get one right" will Dean never ever learn.

The celebs' jungle treasure chest was placed in the camp and to open it they had to find three keys which were hidden somewhere in the camp. Given five minutes to find the keys, a gong would sound and they'd have to find three scrolls with clues telling them where to find the keys. If they didn't find the keys in the time the cake inside the chest would explode. Off they went but managed to find only two of the keys, the other key had been hidden inside a toilet roll in the dunny. David said "don't worry, it's only a cake".

David was discussing Jan's career with her, and said "if you do well on the show you can charge to appear on shows", Jan said "don't talk rubbish, I've been in the business thirty five years and I've never got any money for appearing on a show, I might have got a car to the studio". David, getting annoyed, said "I am telling you, you will get money if you make it OK on this show". Jan went quiet, "David can be very nasty sometimes, if I never see him again I won't be bothered".

Matt was talking about a dream he'd had one night, "it was about flies, they were all inside my brain and they were telling me to go and get sugar, and to go and lick people all over I won't tell you what happened next".

Myleene had had a dream, she had to go and get water for the others and when she poured the water out toads jumped out of the canister. I wonder what these dreams mean", she said. Maybe you had to kiss one to get Prince Charming.

They received another chest in the camp. Inside this one was a question to answer. How many billionaires are there in the world? they, of course, picked the wrong answer and missed out ice cream, instead receiving natural face pack kits and wax strips. Jason wanted his back waxed so Myleene gave him the treatment and proceeded to pull his hair off, with Jason screaming like a baby.

After two weeks of perfect weather they had a storm brewing. With thunder and lightning the camp loved it, saying it was awesome, amazing, like a breath of fresh air. Jan was singing "I'm singing in the rain" while David and Myleene danced.

Dinner, courtesy of Dean's earlier efforts was possum sausages, mashed potatoes and gravy, David "didn't want sausages, they go straight through me". Jan said "he's a joke, he has everyone running around after him and he's not pulling his weight in camp. He makes it hard on everyone else, he said the gravy was horrible. I felt like chucking it over him, after all, Dean has had to do a trial for him to have that dinner."

Ant and Dec entered the camp and revealed that between Matt and Jan the public had decided that Jan was the person to leave the camp.

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