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Scott Out

Day Eleven

Day eleven in the jungle celebrity camp and everone's feeling down. Toby leaving the jungle has shocked everyone, he was the last person they thought would go first, Matt said, "I am going to miss him, he is a great guy", Jan said, "it feels like the heart of the camp has gone". Dean is full of emotion at the moment, he feels the camp members might be upset with him as he was one of the last to enter the camp.

All the camp members light a candle and put Toby's name next to it. They will do this every time someone leaves the camp, they say, so they can remember them - a bit of a shrine to them.

Myleene came from the Bush Telegraph and said they'd to do a trial but there would be three of them taking part, so who would be up for doing it. The boys wanted all men to carry out the task, but the girls insisted they wanted one of them to take part as well. They decided in the end that Jason, Matt and Malandra, would do the trial.

The trial was Thunderball, as the three campers reached the trial area Ant and Dec were already waiting to explain how the game worked. They had a giant plastic ball with a hole in the middle (like David's Vaginica maybe?) and one of them had to climb in through the hole and the others had to roll them down a course of obstacles. At the end of the obstacles were targets - if they hit the red targets they would win meals for the camp, if they hit the black targets they would get nothing!

Jason was first to get inside the ball, what he didn't know was that he was to be joined by a breakfast item, cold coffee. Matt and Malandra pushed Jason down the assault course but Jason, not being able to see where he was going, missed the target.

Next into the ball was Matt, and a bucket full of baked beans. So, he had coffee and beans together! Matt completely missed the targets on his way down the course. Next to have a go was Malandra, joined with tomatoes. The boys pushed Malandra down through the assault course "Hoorah!", Malandra hit the target and won three meals for the camp - who said girls were wimps?

The boys said they'd not done too good at the trial when they returned to camp, and that it was Malandra that had won the meals. David said to Jason "did they make it easier for her", Jason replied "no, she did very well". David "felt bad because he'd said he did not want one of the girls to do the trial as he thought the boys would do better". David was "sorry he'd said that", adding "it takes a man to admit that he is wrong".

Lauren, speaking about yesterday's eviction, said "when someone goes it is like a bolt of lightning". Faith said she "wanted to stay so she can show her family she has got some backbone".

Come the time for the daily Celebrity Treasure Chest trial they were put into groups. They had to go into the jungle to carry out a task. The task consisted of a large wooden table maze with holes in. They they had to place a ball onto the maze, which had holes around the course, then manoeuvre the ball round the course to the finish. It must not fall down any other holes in between or they'd have to start again. Given forty five minutes to complete the task and if they were successful they would each get a letter from home and something nice to eat which they would get in their own little chest.

First to go was Myleene and Phina, they were maneuvering the ball well and it didn't take them long to finish the task. Next up was Malandra and Dean, they also managed the task. Next was David and Lauren, followed by Jan, Scott and Jason. They all went together but only Scott and Jason actually did the trial. So they all managed to finish the task and receive their letter from home and their treats.

All the members became emotional as they read out each others' letters from loved ones at home to each other. Jason was so upset about what his children had written that he had what looked like part of a Bushtucker Trial coming out of his nose! David's letter was from a few of his "friends". Michael Jackson's brother Tito said Michael "he had been watching the show in London and commmented how entertaining David had been". The others listened as their letters were read and were all visibly upset.

David was up to his tricks, mucking about with Matt, and making out he was baptising him - he was singing and dancing, talking to a lizard he named Bonnie Tyler. He serenaded the lizard with "lIt's a Heartache" - David, boyo, you have got jungle fever!

Everyone, especially the girls, are finding it hard facing up to the impending eviction. As they missed the eviction yesterday, the girls think it might be one of them tonight.

The public vote was between Scott and Lauren. The camper voted out was Scott - so no more listening to his whingeing.

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