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Scott - one star they (don't) need

Day Three

Jungle tempers are seemingly already at breaking point. Jan's fed up with the constant hunger and generally not feeling too good. Besides that, having insect bites all over her that had turned into blisters has weakened her spirit further.

Phina told Toby she was fed up with Jan's moaning and wanted to knock her head off.

Scott's turn to do the Bushtucker Trial involved him standing on a lit-up dancing mat, kitted out with a pair of plastic Simon Cowell dancing pants (his words) on, Scott had to dance while music played - to win a meal star. Whilst he danced insects would be dropped into his pants, first it was worms, not quite the worms that he's used to, followed by crickets. "Enough", he whimpered, one star and what a letdown for the others.

David and Toby penned a rap for the camp which happens to be par for the course with the celebrity campers every year!

It started at the Versace everybody having a last meal,
Eyeing each other up for the very first time, it was quite a big deal,
10 egos in the place, keeping an eye on their own space,
No-one had the notion they might cause quite a commotion,
10 good reasons not to leave this show,
10 good reasons why we shouldnt go -
I'm A Celebrity! No food,
I'm A Celebrity! No booze!
I'm A Celebrity! No nookie,
I cant even find myself a bloody chocolate cookie.

So they've proved they can rap - now the rest of the camp are having problems having a crap!

With it being Scott's Birthday he was presented with a cake mix and bottle of champagne, Myleene mixed and baked the cake, put candles on and then put the lid on the pot - hence melted candle wax all over the cake - who said celebrities have brains?

Tomorrow's trial will be Tree Top Terror and the public have picked Jan and Scott to do the trial - so it could mean that the camp is in store for another day of hunger.

Jan and Phina were chosen to do the Celebrity Chest. This was a chance for them to become friends!

They'd to go and find a giant haystack, inside the haystack were three keys, after looking for hours and only finding two keys they gave up as it was getting too dark. When they got back to camp they burst into tears and said they were sorry for not finishing the trial, Jan told Faith that Phina was bossy.

As the time came for their dinner to be winched in, it was only one meal so it could have been thrown quite easily - as Scott had only won one meal they had one Wallaby shank, rice, and wild herbs - between the ten of them. Though Phina seemed to have more seconds than anyone else, and probably the biggest piece of meat and more grains of rice! Maybe the next task will bring more sustenance, somehow it doesn't look likely though.

With two new celebrities members joining the camp that they're not aware of, only more fun and games can be on the agenda.

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