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News of ten presented by Jan Leeming

Day Seven

A favourite pastime has been trying to catch yabbies - Jason managed it after days of trying. Big issue of the day after catching it was whether they would eat it or not! Jan was forthright in demanding freedom for the yabbie rather than having it for lunch. So, set free the yabbie was.

Jan triumphants in the Snake Bite Bushtucker Trial! She thought she might refuse to go through with it. She wants no-one near her, but has asked Jason to accompany her to the trial area.

She hates snakes and when asked by Ant and Dec why thinks she is back doing another trial she answers that "they mmust love me". Lowered into a container, Jan has to reach into the chambers all round the container, breaking the seals and grabbing the stars being protected by snakes with a few spiders thrown in for good measure.

Jan reaches into the first - one star down, eleven to go. Second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth then... she declares that she'll give chamber seven a miss. On to chamber eight, nine, ten, she refuses eleven but grabs the last star from chamber twelve. 10/12!

Scott thought she might break down but, with Jason's encouragement she triumphed! She and Jason return to camp with Jan in tears, she answers the camp question "how was it?" with a tearful "I only managed 10 out of 12" - that surprised them.

So now Jan was the heroine she couldn't keep it quiet and just get on with camp life. No, she had to bring up how courageous she'd been at every opportunity. Now Jan has become the camp bore and they're all getting fed up with hearing of her exploits in the Bushtucker trial.

David delights in regaling the camp with his life stories - how he was born in Taiwan. His father was a fisherman and his mother a nun. He was put up for adoption after being left in China. His adoptive parents were both one-legged. He also now has a maid called Vaginica whose father's surname is Seaman!

David and Dean carried out the day's Jungle Treasure Chest Trial. It took them a long time to solve the clue to uncover the key to the chest. With a wooden cross on the ground at their feet they had trouble breaking the 'X marks the spot' code for where it was buried.

Once they'd (well Dean!) dug the key out and unlocked the chest they were confronted with a clear box, with tall egg cups, with eggs in them, that they had to return to camp. Taking them somewhere around two hours to return to camp without smashing any eggs the camp unanimously decided that they would have egg fried rice for lunch.

The dinner tuck bag was winched in, containing kangaroo toil for them to make a soup, cooking it covered for between two and four hours did not go down too well! Arguments broke out again about the cooking and Faith declared that she'd not do it anymore as it's not appreciated. Jan bragged of how people come from far and wide for her roasts.

On to tomorrow's Bushtucker Trial challenge of Bull in a China Shop, and Jan is approaching taking John Fashanu's crown for carrying out the most trials - yes, she's been picked again!

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