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Love/hate triangle

Day Five

Today we had the triangle of Jan, Scott and Phina and several misunderstandings. Jan coming out of the various conversations feeling sorry for virtually everything she says.

There was speculation about who would be coming into the camp. Myleene wondered whether it would be boy or girl. Scott would prefer a girl as he wants to stay the only gay in the jungle! Scott prepared a welcome poster "Welcome Fellow Jungler"e;.

David and Jason both offered to give up their beds for Dean. No need as Dean was supplied with a hhammock, so time for the next problem, how to suspend it.

David 'friend of the stars, particularly Michael Jackson' Gest went with Jan to carry out some laundry duties, this gave Jan her chance to audition for him. 'In for a penny, in for a pound', leaning against a tree and hoping to hold her vocal chords. Try again tomorrow, said David, pushing himself forward to become Jan's mentor.

Toby and Myleene took their turn at the daily Jungle Treasure Chest trial. Climbing a ladder up a mountain to where the chest was, they then had to return to camp through a series of caves.

Today's chest question was 'What percentage of women would be happy to be the breadwinner?' 6% or 60%. Luckily Jan insisted on the correct answer - 6%.

Dinner following Dean's triumphant Bushtucker Trial was goat, Jan would have preferred to have had it cooked in an Aga for about three hours but, what the hell, they had wine as well. The wine led to Jan's making a fool of herself yet again with Toby, insisting that he was her type - an alpha male!

The next Bushtucker Trial is to be Operation, the votes went to it being carried out by Phina - though she has to pick someone else to help her. That person is...

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