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Gest of Hotel Albino

Day Thirteen

Day thirteen and David was quite upset over Faith's eviction, saying "it would be a great loss to the camp". The other's said they would miss her terribly, as she had a lot of spirit, and don't think they meant drink!

Dean was the day's camp leader and David thinks that Dean has a great desire to win but doesn't want him to. Talking to Matt, David was babbling on as he does, and Matt had not a clue what he was on about.

Myleene paid her first visit to the Bushtucker Trial. She said 'she was so excited about doing a trial for the first time'. Myleene's trial was called The Tomb Torment, involving her stepping into a tomb which Ant and Dec would then lock. The tomb was then filled with water, and for every minute Myleene stayed in the tomb she'd get a meal for her fellow campers. As the tomb filled up Myleene hummed to herself, even as the water was rising further up her neck. Eels were released into the tomb with her, and Myleene's face was covered so she had to hold her breath for the last thirty seconds until the task was complete. She won her fellow campers the whole nine meals, a meal for each of the celebrities. When she returned to the camp and told the others how many stars she'd won they were ecstatic and all proud of her, she's a breath of fresh air.

David asked Jan if she would do three bits of his washing for him, saying "it's OK they are not my pants", as Jan was helping David wash the clothes he said to her "if I was older would you marry me". Jan said "no I wouldn't, I don't want to do that at the moment, but never say never", David replied, "what do you think about a one off", "no - I don't do one night stands, not at all", David laughed, saying he would buy Jan a diamond cross, "that would be nice I would wear it constantly".

Jason discovered a black snake in the camp and told everyone to keep calm, most of the celebs said they'd overcome their fears of spiders and snakes since they've been in the jungle.

Celebrity Chest time, and Jan and Matt were picked for the celebrity chest challenge. Jan had to wear a kangaroo suit and, suspended from a harness, Matt had to pull her, catapulting her into the trees so that she could collect three hanging keys.

Taking several attempts to get the first key, once Jan had got the hang of it she retrieved all three fairly quickly. Back at camp they opened the chest to reveal the question - in the UK, what percentage of marriages end in divorce, 40% or 50%. Jan said she was sure it was 50%. As has usually been the case, this was the wrong answer!

Calling Dean to the Bush Telegraph, he was told he would be taking a special all-night trial to win a cooked breakfast for the camp. He had to tell no-one of the trial, but pick someone to go with him. He asked Malandra to do the task with him. So off they disappeared! The others knew something was going on and went up to the Bush Telegraph where they found the note telling Dean about the task.

Dean and Malandra were sent off to the Jungle Pit, they had a tilly lamp but were told to use it sparingly, as it only had a limited lifespan. Once they were in bed Dean began to hear noises, "whats that", he called. As soon as they settled down Dean heard more noises, "hello, hello, who is it", he said, sitting upright in his hammock. Managing to make it through the night they returned to camp in the morning with breakfast for all.

David was regaling the others with one of his tales "there is a hotel in Detroit that is 'only' for Albinos, it is cloaked in darkness and all the furniture is black leather. The restaurant has beautiful chandeliers that are never lit and the menus are in black and white! They call it the Albino Hike Hotel" everyone was in hysterics but nobody believed him - would you?

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