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Crowning Day

They've been starved, gone made, made friend and enemies, all as part of a game that only one can win. Who will be crowned King, or Queen, of the jungle, Myleene, Matt or Jason.

On the final day all three face Bushtucker Trials. Matt, who hates everything, bugs, rates, snakes and flies is first to tackle a trial. Probably the worst imaginable task is his. To earn one course of a three course meal for each of them Matt must suffer!

First he is presented with a plate of mealworms, he must down three or he can choose to eat the beefburger that's placed in front of him. He takes the mealworms and chews them well. "How's it taste?" asks Dec. "Tastes like puss" says Matt. How does he know?

Dish two is witchetty grubs, he only has to eat one (minus its head) or he can choose to have lasagne with salad instead. 'Crunch' he bites into the grub, its innards dribbling out of his mouth onto his chin. "Tastes mushroomy!"

Next, crocodile eye or a cold bottle of beer. Chewing - how's it taste? Not good! Following the crocodile eye is kangaroo anus, or fish and chips. "You wouldn't want to choke on a kangaroo's anus, you can pass on it but you can't come back to it, so you'll have to kiss it goodbye!" laughs Dec. Chewing and ripping away at the anus, Matt wins another star.

The fifth and final dish for Matt is crocodile penis... or Mississippi Mud Pie and cream. He bites the penis and chews away on it, tearing it with his teeth, it's so hard. Finishing, having completed all five courses of bush tucker, Matt is handed the cold beer to cleanse his palette on the way back to the camp. Matt seemed more worried about what his mates down the pub will say when he gets home.

The next camper to visit the Bushtucker Trial clearing was Jason. His task was 'Fill Your Face', wearing a face helmet into which he would face various live creatures for thirty seconds each. First into the helmet were cockroaches, then rhino beetles followed by locusts. Next was spiders and finally a carpet python.

Trial completed, Jason had endured his close encounter with the bush kind of animal, a bleeding ear for his troubles but the promise of another meal course for what is left of the camp.

Myleene faced a musical mess in the final Bushtucker Trial 'Scareoki' to earn the final course of their three course meal treat to be prepared and delivered into camp.

Let Me Entertain You, with eel slime dropping onto Myleene's head. Then, Tragedy with cockroaches joining her in the vocal booth. The Spice Girls Wannabee saw Myleene suffer from a fall of feathers that almost stopped her singing. Reach for the Stars had them jumping, whilst the locusts that swarmed into join her didn't put her off. Her last tune was Hit Me Baby One More Time whilst she was covered in mealworms and maggots.

The three of them all received an extra treat on this their last night together in the camp. Matt received a letter from Emma, his girlfriend. Myleene (Panda) a letter from Gray, her boyfriend. While Jason was moved to receive big hugs and kisses from Gemma, Zak and Ange.

Following their success in the Bushtucker Trials the three courses that they'd won were to be delivered, but first they were given an extensive menu choice to pick their courses from. Satay chicken, spring rolls and Thai fish cakes were followed by burgers and they finished off with a dessert of Mississippi Mud Pie and ice cream.

Dressed in black, Ant and Dec entered the camp to announce that he third place would go to Jason. He was happy enough to have made it this far and was joined by his wife and children once out.

So, it came down to Myleene or Matt. After announcing that Myleene was the runner-up it wasn't a shock to see Matt crowned as King of the Jungle 2006.

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