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Jan & Scott got four

Day Four

Into the fourth day in the jungle and it's time for Tree Top Terror with Jan and Scott the chosen ones for the trial.

Each given a banana yellow safety suit (for suit read leotard!) they'd a frame suspended 200 feet in the air and a ladder attached underneath. Jan walked across a tightrope with Scott sitting on the ladder. To the rope were different coloured balloons affixed - orange were worth one meal and they could be handed to Jan above, blue balloons were worth two meals but had to be floated up to her. Jan managed to grab five orange balloons, but missed a blue balloon (so Jan has not only not had a crap but now she missed a floater). Jan also let one go so they only ended up with four meals. On returning to camp everyone was over the moon - you'd think they'd won the lottery!

David Gest called a meeting to say he'd elected Jason to be camp leader and Myleene would be cook. Jason was quite delighted with that so gave a small speech to say thank you.

Scott had moaned earlier that if he did not have anything to eat he'd turn evil. So with four meals he's happier knowing he's going to have a half decent meal tonight compared to what they've been used to.

Two new faces will be joining the jungle campers this week. Malandra Burrows, best known as Kathy in Emmerdale, is one, and Dean Gaffey, Robbie from Eastenders, is the other. Both go in but the public vote for who will be first to enter the camp, the other following twenty four hours later.

Jan seems to have the hots for Toby, gushing that he was great and just like a cuddly bear, when Toby heard this he said I have a girlfriend who I love very much - so poor old Jan had better give up on that idea!

David asked Jan if he needed a shave, Jan replied "No, it makes you look better". He then asked her whether his hair looked too thin, Jan again replied "No, but have you dyed your hair", David answered that he had because "he did not want his hair to look too thin on top".

Myleene, Matt and David were chosen to do the jungle treasure chest hunt. Myleene climbed on a frame which David and Matt had to manoeuvre her to a key hanging from a tree on the opposite side of the clearing. It took them several minutes to get Myleene moving but they managed in the end.

When they got back to the camp they had to open the chest to reveal a question which was, according to the press, who was good in bed and looked like a choir boy, was it Toby or Matt? They answered Toby - correctly answering the question they were rewarded with tea and shortbread biscuits.

When it was time for the tuck bag to be pulled down from the pulley they were visibly delighted. With a menu of wild rabbit, mushrooms, garlic and herbs they had to prepare. Jan tried to converse with Phina - she asked "is there anything you want me to do before I go?" Jan said "No" so Phina walked off. Jan called to Scott and said Phina was being funny with her, Scott said he'd have a word with her. When he spoke to Phina she said "just keep her away from me" it's just not Jan's day. Everyone seems to have the hump with her!

With everyone else in the camp seeming to be enjoying themselves, David asked Jason to sing Any Dream Will Do, a song Jason is most famous for, they all joined in having a camp fire sing song, Scott more camp than most! Jason asked David what Michael Jackson was like, he replied that he was a very giving man. Wonder what he meant by that.

With a surprise celebrity entering the camp there was no Bushtucker Trial for any of the camp. Instead, Bush Spa Bushtucker Trial live on television will be the welcome for the newbie.

The first new celeb entering the jungle's Dean. Confessing he'd thrown up four times on the way into the jungle clearing things didn't look too good for his initiation.

First, he had to wash his hair in cockroaches and grab a star. Almost as if Paul Burrell had returned to grace the camp such were the screams! Next up he had to put his head through a rubber hole into a hair dryer hood as they released flies around his head. Whilst this was going on a bowl in which he had his feet was filled with sand and crayfish. Kicking two stars out of the bowl he was almost delirious.

This was followed by the manicure, putting his hands in boxes he had to grab more stars. First was filled with an ants nest and the next a green ant's nest. Three times he plunged his head into a bowl containing vomit fruit but to no avail as he ran out of time.

Giving Dean a breather as they took a break he then had three more tasks, first was the steam chamber (or was it scream?). Once inside rats were released and he had to feel with his hand to grab the stars. Making weird noises he managed to get one star before the allotted time ran out. The hot tub was next, full of crocodiles and a star. He retrieved the star and moved on to the final task.

In the bush tank Dean was stood on a turntable, when he heard the klaxon he was to reach up and turn a large star above him. Whilst turning he was sprayed with yellow gunk and couldn't see or hear the instructions being shouted to him. As the task finished before he had managed they allowed him to complete it (mainly for laughs). After removing the large star he had to pull a smaller star which meant he got covered in fly pupae!

Completed and on his way in to camp a hero, the camp will eat the biggest meal they have had since they arrived with Dean having managed nine stars!

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