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Don't drink the water!

Day Seventeen

With Jan gone Myleene is Queen of the Jungle whatever the result. Today as camp leader she decides that Dean and David will look after the camp whilst herself, Matt and Jason will take on the Bushtucker Trial - Celebrity Cyclone.

David freely admits to not being too adept at housework - Vaginica Seaman sees to all his needs. But not knowing how to carry out a task such as simply washing up the dishes takes the biscuit. After much fussing David decides that the way to wash up should always be to use hair shampoo followed by conditioner. And, use body lotion for cleaning cutlery!

With wind, rain, canon-firing confetti, gulleys of water and greased flooring taking on Celebrity Cyclone is no easy task for the three celebrities. Their task is to carry giant stars from one end to the other whilst being attacked by the above-mentioned handicaps (not Dean and David but the wind and rain, etc).

They manage to finish the trial triumphant, gaining all five meals for the camp. Returning to camp they find (as they indeed thought) that the camp fire has gone out for the first time. David's proud to tell Myleeene that he's done the washing up and how he'd used shampoo and conditioner for the job, yet still all the washing up liquid had been used up!

Told that they'll be a double eviction gets them doubly worried. All expressing their desire to stay a little longer, perhaps until the end. As this years' celebrities hold the record for the number of questions answered wrongly in the Celebrity Chest challenge they are given the chance to redeem themselves.

Answer the questions they got wrong the first time and win a treat of cream tea, scones and jam. Starting off well they answer the first four questions correctly this time round, then fail on the fifth yet again.

David and Dean took on another Celebrity Chest. Dressed in a panto ostrich suit they have to collect eggs with a hook attached to their beak. This sounds easy, but it took place in a pen of ostriches. They then have to place the egg into a tube to counterbalance the chest to lower it from the trees.

David was fearless, Dean was not! Anyhow, they successfully completed the collecting part of the task, and as David said, "that was the easy part, answering the question when we get back to camp is more difficult!"

The question was who had said to Jan that husband number 6 is right around the corner. David or Myleene? They both claimed to have said this, in the end they went for David and were correct this time. The prize was the right to make a fruit crumble.

The famous five have a list of tips for jungle survival such as 'don't let the fire go out', 'don't let David wash up' and 'be prepared for the flies'.

After record amounts of public voting and constantly changing whose leaving the camp the eighth celebrity to leave was Dean, with David being the ninth to leave.

Leaving Myleenee, Matt and Jason in the camp for the last day to see who will be crowned King, or Queen, of the jungle 2006.

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