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Carol Thatcher on her arse

30 November

"Let's not try and break any records by rushing back to the camp as it's wet and slippery", said Carol to Sid, who swiftly proves the point by landing on her arse!

Returning to camp there were no questions in the chest! A treat of fresh coffee for breakfast - a high for most campers.

Who's the leader? Carol follows in mother's footsteps and is leader of the gang of seven for today.

Massive storms flooded the area and nobody's leaving camp through the public vote (due to Kimberley's voluntary departure). Sheree's concerned that the lightening hitting the trees and bringing them down might be a little bit of 'deja vu' concerning her character of Trisha dying in Emmerdale. With the campfire dying and the lamps having gone out Bobby saved it with some more wood.

'Larger than life, louder than life, that's David', reminisced Carol on David Dickinson's departure.

Three up for trial

The trial today was to be completed by three campers, and to decide they drew straws (cigarettes). Bobby, Sid and Antony - escorted by Jimmy - set off for the jungle clearing where the trial would take place. This was Jungle Strike, a bowling alley of sorts, with each celebrity on a sledge they careered down a shoot and were supposed to knock over the pins (for a strike).

Jenny and Jimmy carried out today's treasure chest trial. They'd to use a series of pulleys and giant buckets so up and down taking turns in them they went, to retrieve the key to the chest and return with it to camp.

Jimmy, Sheree and Sid went fishing for crayfish unsuccessfully (they wouldn't take the bait). Apart from a stray crayfish sitting on a rock they let go as it was so small.

Carol, Jenny and Sheree placed logs together and made a see-saw that when sat on powered a shower so they could wash.

Dinner arrived of whiting, vegetables and rice (but not a lot as they hadn't done so well in the bushtucker trial). Sheree cooked dinner so badly they threw it away due to their being no seasoning (should have kept Jimmy's Hummy supplies better hidden).

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