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Wild bush turkeys and artichokes

29 November

Kimberley Davies

Sid's the leader, Jimmy's his helper and Antony is in charge of the entertainment for the evening.

Kimberley returned to camp only to decide that she has had enough and wants out - that upset Sheree.

Jenny at last faces a bushtucker trial which has pleased her, and even through the trial she looks pleased, it's when it's over she panics!

Plugging up holes with different covers to earn meals as snakes, spiders and other creepies are let into the space called Panic Station. The trial is the ceiling that moves up and down, knocking her on the head as she tries to plug the holes. Did I mention the cockroaches, mealworms and yabbies?

Jenny won the most stars (nine) that and of the trial takers have won, so it's full stomachs for the campers tonight. Only there are only eight of them in the camp.

Had his chips

Carol and Sid are out on the treasure chest hunt. They have a long trek back to camp and arrive at a rope bridge which has to be crossed to get the key to unlock the chest. They untie the key but the bridge falls down so they are not yet returning to the camp. They will have to stay out in the bush for the night. Luckily they have been supplied with beds, a dunny, sausages, potatoes (and beans) and some light. They cook their grub and settle down for the night.

Bobby and David had a bit of a chat, a bit of banter, a bit of jawing (as Chips would say). Jimmy and Bobby have a little sing-song that gets them cheered up.

Dinner arrives and what a feast it was, two wild bush turkeys, beetroot and artichokes, wine and beer. They were worried in the camp about Carol and Sid being out but were told they were ok but would not be back for the night. Jimmy was now the leader with David as the helper.

Time passes and the public vote for who to go picks David to have had his chips. Everybody said they'd miss him, Antony looks on him as a father figure and Sid thinks he is very funny and a legend!

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