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Chips are cooked

28 November

So Bobby feels lost without Tommy, Bobby was very close to tears and said he wished Tommy was still there with him, he even called his name across the jungle. No answer!

Jenny's camp leader for the day and elected Chips and Bobby as cooks for the day, neither of them can cook so Carol intervened to show them how to proceed. Chips proceeded to burn the beans!

Sid doesn't know anyone that can't cook (even Bianca?)

David told the camp that he'd been imprisoned for three years for committing fraud and said the food was bad inside but there was more there than in the jungle.

Antony did wake with a hangover after last night's drinking in the camp. Antony, Carol and Jenny went to retrieve the treasure chest. There's a board of their faces and just like twister they have to stand on them to release water to fill a balloon that will release a key.

With everyone arguing over who will do the bushtucker trial it was decided to draw straws. Kimberley and Sheree lost that and went off to the trial area where they travelled by helicopter. Over the jungle they hovered till they came to a lake. The trial is called 'Hell or Drop' and they have to jump ouf of the helicopter into the water from four metres above.

And into a large star in the centre of the lake they dropped. Each piece of the star is coloured differently and worth different amounts of stars. Kimberley was first to jump and landed in the centre earning two meals. Sheree jumped next and won one meal. Kimberley went again and earned one meal but landed in the water badly, damaging her shoulder and winding herself. Carted off to hospital we shall see if she returns.


Sheree returned to camp to tell the rest the sad news - they'd only won three stars! The producers reckoned that they would have got as far as seven so awarded them that amount.

Jenny cried saying that she had had enough and wanted to leave as she couldn't handle it anymore and wanted to do a trial as she was bored.

Dinner was made up from the following ingredients - Kangaroo Rump Fillets, Chilli and Shallots.

With David and Bobby as chefs it was like Dumb & Dumberer. David asked Bobby to cut the shallots, he had no idea of what to do, the rest of the camp wanted the fillets fried but David insisted on concocting a stew! When Bobby went to the toilet he didn't wash his hands so he was made to go and wash them. Tommy probably usually does that for him, wonder if he wipes his arse also?

Dinner turned out OK but Bobby was very depressed, the rest of the campers trying everything to cheer him up.

Public votes in and the celebrity leaving the camp today was Jilly. At least she had made up with the Duke in the end, they are now the best of friends.

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