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Tommy's Cannon is shot

27 November

The evictions start here. Who'll decide who carries out the bushtucker trials? Will they get worse? Will Sheree be able to stand much more of the nightmare that is the jungle camp?

Sheree is leader for the second day in a row, she picks Jenny to be her deputy yet again. Will they be spending another night in the jungle jail?

Already they are facing up to the inevitable, who will make it to the end. Lorne's (Chip's wife) travel plans are well known - flying Emirates via Dubai and Singapore, leaving on 25 November at 8pm from London - because he won't stop announcing them!

The chips are down, says Jilly, aiming that comment quite squarely at the feet of David. Branding him a male chauvinist pig and a dick, it is quite clear that she is not too keen on him.

The time for the bushtucker trial came and Antony went on his merry way to perform his Scarioki, wonder whether Peter Andre would have liked to have done this?

Singing five songs for meals for the camp with some songs worth more meals than others, Antony entered the booth to the first tune, Staying Alive, earning one meal for being covered in eel slime.

Next up was the old Tom Jones classic, Delilah, worth two stars for being covered in maggots and fly pupae. On to the third song, this was Daydream Believer, The Monkees hit, worth two stars and a fair covering of cockroaches and green ants.

Slapstick performance

So with five stars won and two more songs to go, three stars for Sweet Caroline, the Neil Diamond stadium buster. The crickets and grasshoppers that jumped down to meet him seemed to enjoy his rendition.

He cried off before the end of the song with his cry of "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" so ended with just the five meals. So it appears that Antony is not a Buddy Holly fan because he didn't want to sing with the crickets!

Later in the day, Jilly and Sid went off to a slippery slope to collect the treasure chest with a pouring rain storm overhead. With a bunch of twenty keys Sid had to run down the slope while attached to a bungee. This was one of the most slapstick performances so far! Covered in mud the managed to unlock the three padlocks and return the chest to the camp.

Mealtime came and the meals that Antony had won were considered not enough! after dinner entertainment was supplied by Jilly in charge of an evening's education in wine tasting.

So the first celebrity to leave the camp is announced and Tommmy's on his way. So how will Bobby be now he's lost his cannon?

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