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A revolting camp

26 November

Jenny Frost

Sheree's in charge and there's revolt in the camp. A lot of whingeing from all. Especially Chips. Seems Jimmy's lost weight. Appearing in Blackpool, performing levitation as part of his act, with less weight he should find it easier!

Bobby has been told by Sheree to look after the emus, clean the toilet and provide the entertainment for the camp in the evening. Lots of bickering going on from the men in the camp.

At the height of their fame, Bobby owned a nightclub called Braces in Rochdale. Bobby had been chosen for the bushtucker trial, when he was told about it he didn't know that he was to get to choose who would be going with him - guess who? Tommy.

He has a phoobia of heights, wasps and bees so is worried to the point of filling up. He's extremely nervous of this task and whether he can do it.

Onto the task itself, a contraption made of a pair of cycles are hung either side of a wire 100 feet up. With ten minutes to collect eleven stars they get off to a good start by announcing that their manager is sacked when they get home.

Back and forward, up and down, each pair of peddles performs a different task. Bobby especially is close to the edge of terror, cracking jokes through his nerves, it was easy to see just how terrified he was. Callinng out for his wife, Yvonne, a lot of the time on the task, out of sheer panic.

Deep joy

The trial made absolutely brilliant television - and with a minute left they had collected sevens stars, they finished the task through time running out, with nine stars.

Telling the camp on their return of their endeavour, there was deep joy when they announced that they'd managed to collect nine stars. The whole mood of the camp rose with the thought that the camp will eat well for once.

The next task is the last one left to public choice - Scarioki (how the hell do you spell that?) - and the lucky camper to carry out the task is Antony.

Carol and Jilly have teamed up to have a general bitch and moan about Chips and how dominating he is, how much of a showman he is and just what a nasty man he is!

Chips and Jenny were set the task of collecting the treasure chest, fitting a series of drainpipes together to fill a barrel with water and make the key to release the chest rise to the top of a tube.

The campers managed to answer correctly the question of which boy band was reforming to tour - "Take That" or "Boyzone" - "Take That". They won champagne and chocolate, Jilly being the expert in such matters just had to point out that the pair taken together are disastrous!

Jilly and Carol had broken the rules by taking their microphones off and Cannon & Ball broke yet more rules by taking a nap in the area reserved for the camp leader. The punishment, Jenny and Sheree have to spend the night in the jungle jail. As soon as they were told, they had to leave camp without letting anybody know for their night of punishment.

Antony is devastated at the news that Jenny and Sheree have been sent to the jungle jail, everybody is certainly upset at the news, particularly Chips, who is threatening mutiny.

Jungle noise in the jungle jail is keeping the girls (ok Sheree) from sleeping, bringing out the phobias in Sheree especially.

A couple of hours passed and Sheree was getting worse, sweating and fretting, threatening to leave the camp. They got through the night and were released back to the camp early in the morning.

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