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Inner working parts of a bear

25 November

Jimmy Osmond

Bobby Ball is the leader of the camp and immediately has got the rest of the happy campers backs up. Like a lot of little men he has decided to take the big boss approach. Sheree comments that there might be a little bit of conflict in the camp if he doesn't lighten up.

Bobby questioned Jimmy about his Hummy bear that he'd smuggled his salt and pepper contraband in to the camp. The producers notify Bobby to instruct Jimmy that he must pay a visit to the Bush Telegraph with Hummy as they're suspicious that he's hiding more contraband.

So it's goodbye to the inner working parts of Jimmy's talking bear.

A large cricket was discovered by Jenny and Sheree which they killed, or they thought they had, till it jumped again. Jenny ended its high jumping jinks by chucking it on the fire.

Bobby regaled the camp with stories of how himself and Tommy became Cannon & Ball - from Thomas Derbyshire and Robert Harper - even telling how they came up with their Rock on Tommy catchphrase - how when they were welders in the mines and a rock landed on Tommy - the true phrase was much more boring, it came from the David Essex hit Rock On!


Chips has moaned that the pool is dirty and that he wants a new razor and smaller trousers. Other demands are lip balm and a brush to clean the dunny as they have been splashing around the pan!

And on tonight's menu, from the ingredients of one emu egg, wild mushrooms, edible funghi and sweet potato they managed to knock together an omelette, or was it scrambled egg?

Carol and Antony were off to collect the the treasure chest, which they discovered sitting on a rather large tree trunk with a cable running through the tree which they had to saw through to release it. Carol appears to have more strength of character than Antony, in fact he wasn't happy at all, he was barking mad in fact!

Yet again, the campers manage to mess up the answer to the question so are without a treat yet again. Seems that neither Sid nor Antony can remember what they have said to the press in the past.

The next bushtucker trial is Fright of the Bumble Bee which involves two of the celebrities. Bobby has to pick one of the others to go with him, wait and see who it is going to be.

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