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Cock and Ball

24 November

Jilly Goolden

Jilly and Carol's challenge is Bushtucker Bluff - eat bugs, grasshoppers, ants, cockroaches, witchety grubs and mealworms! Quite literally feeling sick Carol managed to quip that a fish eye she ate was wearing a contact lens! Swallowing a grub Carol felt sick but she did swallow, followed by a rats tail. Jilly turned down the rats tail then they were blindfolded and could not see what was coming next - Kangaroo testes and penis. Carol got the balls and Jilly had the cock, they both gobbled it all up and therefore gained eight stars and so eight meals for the camp!

Jenny and Sid went off to collect the treasure chest, which was in a helicopter with Cannon and Ball. Such a long time since these have bought such glee to an audience this size. Once the chest was opened there was a statement telling the camp that Antony and Sheree were not the leaders for the day anymore, Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball were in charge for the day.

They were able to celebrate their new camp members with cocktails which helped to stem the disappointment that Sheree and Antony had to sleep in the camp while the rest were to sleep in the tree house.

The meals supplied to the camp from the trial was Crocodile tail and vegetables.

Screaming Sheree

A double helping of bushtucker trials today, with Sheree elected to attempt the Rocky Horror trial. This meant using different parts of her body to collect stars from various receptacles.

First, her hands went into rocks where there were insects, she missed the star and was covered in fly pupa instead. Next, rhino beetles, the third was an ants nest, fourth was a a rock and she had to use her foot. Yippee - she got a star!

Next was another star (she was on a roll by now), sixth was using her mouth to retract the star from maggots. Seventh was her mouth again and this time it was eels! Eighth was gained by using her head against spiders. The ninth was a tank of water, as she got in to try and retrieve the three stars within a couple of crocs were thrown in for good measure and that was her turn to cry out "I'm a celebrity get me out of here".

Still... five stars so things are on the up!

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