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Viewers favourite Bushtucker grubs

23 November

In the camp it's down to the Aussie (Kimberley) to tackle a bushtucker trial. Otherwise, there's problems in the toilet department, beans seem to be helping the happy campers to empty their bowels, though four times a day might be a but much!

Leaving the camp escorted by Sheree, Jilly and Jimmy, Kimberley went on her way to Ant & Dec's Farm. With everyone in the camp hungry it really is down to Kimberley to get as many meals as possible to feed everyone.

The farm is a series of chambers filled with stars... and ants! and spiders, and toads, and cockroaches, and other nasty creepy crawlies.

So, the first star was easy enough, then when she decided to use the star to clear a path things were made a little bit more difficult because she was told she couldn't use it to help her. Collecting two more stars and knocking over a green ants nest (with a star inside) was it, four meals for the camp.

Bitten to hell and all for only four meals, the rats and toads were too much and she cried out "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here!"

Typical footballers' wife

"Bad luck if they complain in the camp" cried Kimberley, and set off back to the camp. Much discussion followed over how brave she was to have got four stars.

The next challenge is the old favourite, Bushtucker Bluff - literally! And the viewer's vote was for both Carol and Jilly, who will have to try and gulp down enough to feed the camp.

Reminiscing about their past lives, in soap opera land, Sheree describing how she died in Emmerdale, with the Woolpack chimney collapsing and hitting her on the head after being hit by a bolt of lightening in a storm. Jenny admitted she cried when that happened! Jenny also admitted to all the crazy accessories she has for her pet dog, George Michael!

Not being a typical footballers' wife, Sheree admitted that she does have cleaners, and has someone come in to do her flowers! Doesn't have a facial every day though.

Several inches of rain have fallen and certainly dampened the camp morale. Their beds are soaked through, their pillows are soaked through, their clothes are soaked through, and I expect Carol's knickers are soaked through if she has taken heed of the warning not to piss in the camp anymore!

With a snake entering the camp in the night as the campers settled down to sleep, Sheree said she won't be able to sleep at night any more. She hates virtually every animal in the camp so this could get to be fun!

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