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Sid Owen wets the bed

22 November

Jimmy faced the Kangaroo Caught bushtucker trial (could have been called 'Have we got Roos for you') and managed a measly four meal stars by grabbing the stars from their tails. Entering the pen and being informed that the red Kangaroos are a mob and very dangerous, they can disembowel you, probably didn't help!

After being told by the producers that someone is pissing in the camp and to stop it Sid has confessed to being a child bed wetter. Funny that during the discussion Carol kept remarkably quiet. They will have to rename her Carol Slasher.


Sheree discovered a tick on her shoulder this morning and had to have it removed. Maybe the great British voting public took pity on her as the next bushtucker trial was between her and Kimberley - Kimberley lost the telephone vote and will face Ant & Dec's Farm tomorrow.

The treasure trail question was that out of 5,000 women asked would they lie about their age or their weight? 51% would lie about their weight it seems, Jimmy got it right and Chips got it wrong.

Seems that Chips is not getting on with Jilly, they argue over whether to include beans in the kangaroo tail soup that is being prepared!

With Elaine confirmed as a non-runner there is a question. Are the bookies returning bets on this bird - or are they placing the money on the emus?

Following Elaine's medical treatment and confirmation that she is OK but not returning to the camp does provide another answer - she has at last sobered up!

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