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Ticks in the camp

21 November

The celebrity to face the second bushtucker trial (Highway to Hell) is Carol, who is also elected leader for the day with Jilly as his second in command.

The camp appears full of ticks as Jimmy has one, Carol has one and David would have one but decided to shave his intimate parts to stop them! After applying his cologne David was bitten by mosquitoes so he has decided to forego his luxury item.

Elaine has had to spend a second night in hospital, a decision taken by the production team along with gaining a second doctor's opinion. Still no decision has been made about whether or not she will return to the camp.

It turns out that Jimmy Osmond's teddy (Hummy) not only conceals condiments but also talks. It appears that his children recorded goodnight messages for Jimmy to soothe him to sleep in the camp.

Carol has been mentally preparing herself for her first bushtucker trial. As she drives the car over 100 feet above the jungle will her fear be showing? She remains unaware of the challenge she faces. Support from the others was outstandingly generous. "You're going to be absolutely groovy," from Jilly, who went on to tell Carol that the challenge would be, "scary and difficult, but not disgusting."

Carol is confident about the prospect of the challenge, but told her fellow campers "Nobody start hallucinating about Jamie Oliver style dinners please."

To gain four stars as Carol did was quite an amazing feat taking into consideration the narrowing track she had to take, and of course the fact that she is a woman driver!

Salt & Pepper

With only a box of rice and a box of beans the camp needs every meal they can muster so, with the arrival of a pair of emus David had to chip in with the comment that they had better be good - or they would find themselves dished up as dinner.

Following a short name selection process - Salt and Pepper, Shearer and Owen, Black and White (no Ant and Dec) they settled on calling the new arrivals Kylie and Jason, very original. Sheree is scared stiff of birds (is she turning into Natalie Appleton already I ask myself?).

Much jollity around the campfire with a general knowledge quiz and a sing song led by Antony make you wonder when the sparks will start to fly in this two week melee.

Ant & Dec have their own kangaroo (Honey) for company and announced that the next bushtucker trial will be Kangaroo Caught. The public voted for Jimmy (could this be part of a backlash for his cheating ways?).

Stay tuned to find out how Jimmy fares with his bushtucker trial.

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